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Cloud Exchange
Common Problems
2020-11-26 23:32:44

Q: How many peer-to-peer connections can each user apply for?

A: By default, each user can have up to 50 peer-to-peer connections. If the demand cannot be met, you can submit a work order to apply for an extension of the quota.

Q: Is there a charge for peer-to-peer connection?

A: The peer-to-peer connection provides services for free.

Q: Why is the peer-to-peer connection established successfully, and the routes of the local end and the opposite end are added, but the VPCs at both ends still cannot communicate normally?

A: 1. Check whether the peer-to-peer connection status is accepted;

2. Check whether the local and opposite routes are correct, and make sure that the routes on both ends are matched with the VPC subnet address that you want to communicate with each other;

3. Check whether the security group policies set by the cloud hosts that need to communicate with each other at both ends allow the subnet addresses of the VPCs at the two ends.

Q: When using a peer-to-peer connection, can the network segments of the two VPCs be the same?

A: No

Q: When using a peer-to-peer connection to communicate, will the data pass through the public network?

A: No. The data stream on the peer-to-peer connection will only be transmitted in the data center, and the data will not be transmitted through the Internet, so as to prevent your data from being eavesdropped in the transmission process, and can provide better network quality than public network communication.

Q: With peer-to-peer connections for VPC intranet interconnection, what resources can both sides access each other?

A: Use peer-to-peer connections to access all resources in the VPC at both ends.

Q: Can peer-to-peer connections support inter-tenant VPC intranet interoperability?

A: Peer-to-peer connection supports intranet intercommunication between VPCs in the same area by the same tenant or different tenants.

Q: Can peer-to-peer connections support inter-regional VPC intranet intercommunication?

A: Peer-to-peer connection is not supported, but inter-cloud high-speed inter-regional VPC intranet intercommunication is possible.


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