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Product Advantages
  • Customized Monitoring

    Support the user through the centralized control interface, according to your needs to customize the distribution of global resources and services of their own monitoring indicators and filtering rules, support custom monitoring.

  • Real-time Monitoring

    Provide 7*24 hours' remote real-time monitoring ability, support a variety ways of pre warning and alarm, to ensure that the alarm information can be sent to the user and technically output problem can be reported immediately.

  • Intelligent Monitoring

    Through the big data analysis system, users' resources and business can be protected by using large-scale monitoring cluster and professional failure analysis.

  • Multi-dimensional Monitoring

    Support to achieve the fit-out information indicators monitoring, including servers, network, database, storage, applications, user response time and service level and so on multi-dimensional monitoring.

Specialized Reports Presentation

By intelligent information monitoring system, the distribution of global cloud resources, user load, quality of service operation and health information summary can be comprehensively analyzed. Intuitive and professional reports will be provided to support custom report content in a way to meet various needs.

Customized Monitoring

Users can customize on demand from the fit-out indicators monitoring items. Monitoring items can be chosen as SLA parameters. The system will base on the configuration to preserve historical monitoring data and user can evaluate whether it can reach the requirement of the ability of SLA in a period of time.

Intelligent Data Analysis

With the aid of the big data dealing ability of the cloud platform, the resource and cost can be analyzed intelligently. Provide operating quality, operating daily/weekly analysis report, support fault in advance warning, reduce operating costs and improve service quality.

All-round Data Monitoring

Provide from a single monitoring of equipment to complex business portfolio management comprehensive monitoring ability, Intuitively display the using condition of the cloud resource and the information of load performance status and system health status from users all over the world. The user through the remote monitoring can perform monitoring the operation of the business of hosting and regulation in the data center.

Real-time Fault Alarm

To provide accurate and timely failure found and filtered, compress and intelligently analyze the warning information according to the customers' rules, and then trigger the alarm,process system fault in time.

Application Scenario
Applicable Scenario
The operation and maintenance personnel check the running status of a large number of instances of enterprises on the cloud on a daily basis.
Realized Functions
1. Provides a complete set of monitoring items to monitor a large number of cloud products on the e Cloud. The monitoring items are based on the performance of the product, and the cloud monitoring platform can also be used to customize the data viewing period, providing users with performance history curves and multi-dimensional monitoring of resource dynamics. 2. With the historical information query function of the cloud monitoring service, you can fully grasp the carrying capacity of cloud resources for business, which is convenient for users to make timely adjustments. 3. Through the flexible alert rules and multiple notification methods of the cloud monitoring service, users can log on to the cloud monitoring platform to check key performance and make timely resource adjustments to improve business availability.
Service Case
  • Education
    Yunnan Sunshine Kindergarten
    Yunnan's first batch of Kindergartens Using monitoring video storage devices put forward the concepts of sunshine, transparent and standardized environment, safe and assured growth environment, etc
    Use of the product
  • Real estate
    Greentown Group
    Greentown China Holdings Co., Ltd. is China's leading high-quality real estate product development and comprehensive service provider. It has been awarded "top 10 comprehensive strength of China's top 100 real estate enterprises" for 13 consecutive years. “
    Use of the product
  • Education
    Nanning Education Bureau
    Nanning Education Bureau is the functional department of Nanning Municipal People's government, in charge of the city's education and Chinese language work. There are 11 departments (offices) including office, policy and regulation department, personnel education department, planning and financial infrastructure department, basic education department, vocational education and adult education department, sports and health art education department, education supervision group office of Municipal People's government, Chinese language and writing work department, Party committee office, discipline inspection and supervision room. It has jurisdiction over 2623 schools in seven counties and five districts, with 1.18 million students and 49000 full-time teachers.
    Use of the product
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