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Product Advantages
  • Comprehensive Vulnerability Scanning

    CVSS scoring method is used to calculate the vulnerability threat degree, which is compatible with CVE, Bugtrag, CNCVE, CNVD and CNNVD vulnerability databases. The security vulnerabilities of information system and application system are comprehensively found.

  • Efficient and Accurate

    The fast and accurate scanning engine supports the rapid positioning of risk types, regions and severity. Users can grasp the overall security risks, pay attention to key regions and assets, and give priority to repairing serious problems.

  • Easy to Use

    The configuration is easy to operate, and supports one click scanning, periodic scanning and user-defined scanning. Classified management of asset security makes the operation and maintenance work easier and the risk status clear.

Deep Professional Vulnerability Scanning

Support professional vulnerability scanning for enterprise and personal hosts, web assets, applications, etc

Automatic Closed Loop Disposal Process

Combined with safety management system, support safety risk warning, detection, alarm, repair process, and supervise the implementation of the process.

Comprehensive Risk Statistical Report

According to the scanning results, a comprehensive vulnerability statistical report and vulnerability disposal report are formed, and professional repair opinions are provided.

Application Scenario
Applicable Scenario
For the financial and IT industry with high degree of informatization, the core business is mainly handled through online business system. Vulnerability scanning can qualitatively analyze the security of the system from the technical level, and connect the system security hidden trouble points to effectively verify its existence and availability, so as to avoid business losses caused by security vulnerabilities.
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