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Industry Trend Analysis
Education Under the Impact of Internet

With the advancement of science and technology and the in-depth development of the Internet age, the application of network and information technology has changed the original teaching methods, and interactive communication and resource sharing have gradually become a trend. With the rise of online learning, online classes, video open classes, micro classes, MOOCs and synchronized classes, education is no longer restricted by time and place. Relying on the Internet, the education model is changing. e Cloud makes full use of its own platform resource advantages and advanced technology, integrates existing resources, builds an advanced, efficient, and practical digital education platform, helps educational institutions to achieve diversified teaching, diversified content, and digital carrier, and promotes the digital construction of education enterprises .

Business Challenge

Low Management Efficiency

Traditional education supervision support ability is weak, mainly relying on personal will for decision-making, analysis and management, lack of scientific decision-making management basis; should be multi-dimensional analysis, scientific decision-making, increase investment in science and technology, use big data technology to make scientific management and decision-making support.

The Quality of Education is Uneven

In remote areas, teaching resources are insufficient, teachers' investment is low, students are unable to access high-quality education, and the quality of teaching is low; education development in various regions should be balanced, high-quality education resources should be shared, education boundaries, and balanced development should be achieved.

Single Education Mode

The traditional teaching method is relatively simple, and the standardized teaching among students of the same level prevents students from exerting their strengths, and the homogeneity of teaching is serious. Teach students in accordance with their aptitude, break the unitary evaluation, encourage students' creativity and innovation ability, and realize differentiated teaching.

Low Class Stickiness

Part of the school's hardware investment is too much, software investment is small, resulting in small classroom interaction, single teaching, so that the stickiness between students and teachers is reduced, and the interaction is poor. Interactive exchanges should be increased, students are encouraged to participate in interactions, and classroom stickiness should be improved.

Application Scenario

Through the portal website, the main portal of the educational institution can be loaded. Educational institutions can load part of the business of inquiry, consultation, and downloading materials on the official website to relieve offline pressure and realize online intelligent operation. Save labor cost and realize scientific management.

Cloud Desktop

It supports fast and convenient desktop environment creation, deployment, unified management and control, and can help customers quickly build a safe, reliable, high-performance, low-cost desktop office system. It can be widely used in financial, design, video, education and other fields with high information security control or high-performance computing requirements

Online Classroom

Through online education solutions, educational institutions can quickly deploy online education interactive websites to realize online evaluation, online examinations, teacher-student interaction and other functions, and make management informatized. Students can choose the teachers and courses they are interested in, and accept the teaching of teachers from all over the world, so that students can develop their own personality.

Overall Structure
The overall architecture of e Cloud education cloud is for schools, teachers, students and parents, the public, management institutions, educational institutions and other user groups to establish a high-quality educational resource application service system that serves the needs of educational informatization development; using cloud computing, Internet of things, new generation Internet and the new generation mobile communication technology to build a public education service platform, integrate educational resources, and build a comprehensive education informatization integrating telecommunications education cloud resources school-school, class-to-class, everyone-to-people, integrated office, and education management platform.
Architecture Characteristics

The overall architecture of China Telecom education cloud integrates two platforms of education management and resources, as well as other educational information application systems: 1、Realize unified application integration, unified management and unified authentication 2、Connect the government, schools, classes and families to modernize the basic education 3、Inter school interconnection, full sharing of teaching resources and promotion of educational equity 4、The unified cloud platform supports the business needs of teaching, learning, examination and evaluation, and promotes the innovation of education mode

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Service Case
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    School in First-tier city
    The client is a newly built nine-year public school directly affiliated to the district education bureau to accelerate contemporary and global education. English classes are taught in small class for students in basic grades, with hired professional foreign teachers and original English textbooks. Client needs to frequently conduct academic exchanges with foreign teaching institutions. However, client’s current network access speed cannot meet the demand, so it is necessary to seek a more efficient network access method.
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