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Business Challenge

Business Surge

The instant access volume of promotion and seckill scenarios reaches several to dozens times that of the normal, which results in the server load too high, bandwidth occupied, and even system paralysis.

Poor User Experience

E-commerce business involves a large number of static data such as pictures and videos, which is slow to load; the users have problems of slow opening of web pages and high network delay when accessing e-commerce websites.

High Security Risk

The e-commerce platform has a series of risks such as database collision, website tampering, DDoS attack, account leakage, etc. in the aspects of registration and login, browsing comparison, obtaining concessions, placing orders, payment and evaluation.

Overall Structure
With the cloud capacity empowering by e Cloud, we are able to deliver a complete e-commerce cloud solution, providing flexible scalability of resources, all-round cloud security services, distributed cloud middleware, micro service application platform, etc., to help enterprises quickly build a safe and reliable e-commerce cloud platform, calmly deal with promotion and seckill scenarios; big data service capabilities help customers carry out precision marketing and user operation.
Architecture Characteristics

Fast Elastic Expansion Fast flexible expansion of resources, effective response to promotion and seckill scenarios Comprehensive Safety Protection The end-to-end 5S security protection system ensures the security of e-commerce platform in an all-round way Data Security Process and understand data for customers, but do not use technical means to obtain customers' data for commercial realization Big Data Service Integrate CT's star map and Kunpeng big data capabilities to build a complete user portrait system for customers

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Service Case
  • Manufacturing
    Diversified Industrial Group
    The client is a diversified industrial group, whose main business include chemical, logistics, agriculture, science and technology city and investment, and its business covers more than 80 countries and regions around the world.
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