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Product Advantages
  • Wide Network Coverage

    Overseas cloud hosting on-demand rentals boasting high-quality global network coverage

  • Customized Solution

    Pre-sale consultation and customized commercial solutions

  • One Stop Service Scheme

    The one-stop after-sales service scheme provides virtual machine management service, reducing the cost of multi-point communication and management with both virtual machine providers and email software manufacturers

Text Message

For internal staff, customers and related personnel, it is a kind of non-operating short message service provided by enterprises, government agencies and other independent or principal-agent service providers to meet their daily work managements, information releases, productions and operations, marketing services, customer care and other needs, and the message content is pure text.

Multimedia Message

It can release long text, picture, video, audio and other multimedia content, meet the application needs of government and enterprise customers for multimedia, large capacity and strong interaction, and realize multi-scene communication and service between enterprises and users.

Second up SMS

Provide government and enterprise customers with special SMS services, such as the verification code. Compared with the ordinary SMS distribution, it has the advantages of independent transmission channel, fast distribution speed and high success rate.

Application Scenario
Applicable Scenario
Verification code SMS sent by enterprises to users
Realized Functions
It can accurately meet the needs of enterprises to send verification codes to users
Service Case
  • Streaming Service
    ShanXi Network TeleVision
    ShanXi Network TeleVision is the mouthpiece of Shanxi provincial Party committee and government in the field of new media. It is a new form of radio and television broadcasting organization with broadband Internet, mobile communication network and other emerging information networks as the program transmission carrier. The main task of ShanXi Network TeleVision is to convey government orders to the society, publicize the party's and state's principles and policies, and report, publicize and guide public opinion on major political, economic, social, cultural, sports and other activities or events in Shanxi Province through new carriers, new channels and new means such as broadband Internet.
    Use of the product
  • Education
    Nanning Education Bureau
    Nanning Education Bureau is the functional department of Nanning Municipal People's government, in charge of the city's education and Chinese language work. There are 11 departments (offices) including office, policy and regulation department, personnel education department, planning and financial infrastructure department, basic education department, vocational education and adult education department, sports and health art education department, education supervision group office of Municipal People's government, Chinese language and writing work department, Party committee office, discipline inspection and supervision room. It has jurisdiction over 2623 schools in seven counties and five districts, with 1.18 million students and 49000 full-time teachers.
    Use of the product
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