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Industry Trend Analysis
Security services are evolving and developing from technology to management

With the evolution of the information age, customers' demand for security services is also facing upgrading and transformation. How to adapt to the deployment and application mode of traditional information security service products in the cloud is a difficult problem for most customers. Information security classified protection services are constantly developing and upgrading in national standards, performance projects, security business, application projects, etc.

Business Challenge

Application Security

The authentication information should adopt at least two factor authentication, and the main network equipment should select two or more combination of authentication technologies for the same user; configure access control policies and rules; mark sensitive resources; and apply fault tolerance and self-protection.

Data Security

Data integrity check self-service capability; data transmission and storage confidentiality; operating system, network equipment, database management system, main application system, with local / remote backup and important information recovery function

Network Security

Effective monitoring, detection and blocking of network security "remote access and unauthorized access"; application level access control of core network nodes; independent management of regional devices and components centralized monitoring and management; centralized management of malicious code, virus and patch upgrade; centralized audit and centralized alarm.

Host Security

The access control policy is configured by the authorized subject, and the access rules of the subject to the object are specified. The granularity of the access control should be user level or process level for the subject, and file and database table level for the object. The security mark is set for the sensitive information, and the access of the subject to the information with security mark is controlled.

Application Scenario
Secure Communication Network

In order to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data, network security audit is carried out on network security, including the operation status of network equipment, network traffic, user behavior in operation and maintenance, and encryption and decryption technology is used in the process of communication network data transmission.

Safe Area Boundary

e Cloud guarantees that the cloud platform it provides can achieve cross-border access, data flows communicate through border protection devices, and deploy access control mechanisms and set access control rules at the boundary of network area, so as to ensure the security of user area boundary on the cloud platform.

Overall Structure
It is suitable for customers whose basic condition is that the business application hosting platform meets the requirements of three-level classified protection certification, and apply for three-level classified protection certification with the application system as the main body. Application classified protection certification requirements include application hosting platform (cloud computing infrastructure platform) and application. e cloud provides a "shared responsibility" model for security service classified protection. The specific classified protection service process includes four stages: grading and filing, gap analysis, safety rectification, etc.
Architecture Characteristics

1、Free Migration 2、Scalability 3、Maturity and Stability 4、Security Architecture and Technical Measures 5、Network Technique 6、Network Coverage 7、Machine Room / Bandwidth Resources 8、Disaster Recovery Capacity

Recommended Products
Service Case
  • Streaming Service
    ShanXi Network TeleVision
    ShanXi Network TeleVision is the mouthpiece of Shanxi provincial Party committee and government in the field of new media. It is a new form of radio and television broadcasting organization with broadband Internet, mobile communication network and other emerging information networks as the program transmission carrier. The main task of ShanXi Network TeleVision is to convey government orders to the society, publicize the party's and state's principles and policies, and report, publicize and guide public opinion on major political, economic, social, cultural, sports and other activities or events in Shanxi Province through new carriers, new channels and new means such as broadband Internet.
    Use of the product
  • Travel
    Tianjin Tourism Administration
    Tianjin tourism administration is a part of Tianjin Municipal People's government and a national administrative organ. In November 2018, Tianjin Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism was established in the process of institutional reform. Integrate the responsibilities of the Municipal Tourism Bureau and the cultural, radio, television and cultural relics management responsibilities of the municipal culture, radio, film and Television Bureau, and establish the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau as a component Department of the municipal government.
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  • Transport and Logistics
    Sinotrans Guangdong Co., Ltd
    Sinotrans Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sinotrans) was established on November 20, 2002 and successfully listed in Hong Kong on February 13, 2003. It is an H-share company controlled by Sinotrans Changhang Group Co., Ltd. It has injected into the group's core business, excellent assets and professional staff, inherited the group's rich experience in logistics and transportation services accumulated over 50 years, a strong and stable customer base and a world-renowned brand in the logistics and transportation industry, and has become the flagship of Sinotrans Changhang in the development of comprehensive logistics.
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