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Product Advantages
  • Security

    Four major aspects are considered to secure user data,namely terminal security, access/network security, platform/data security and management security.

  • Fast Service Response

    Support the online & offline acceptance service with 7 * 24 continuous response to customer needs.

  • Convenient

    Support multi-terminal access, customers can access to the cloud desktop working environment anytime and anywhere.

  • Low Cost

    Automatic deployment, without manual intervention and early traditional hardware investment; centralized management, providing simple and efficient operation and maintenance support.

  • High Efficiency

    Template batch open, rapid expansion desktop, avoid repeated operation, improve delivery efficiency.

Efficient & Manageable

Automatic deployment, customized personalized templates on demand, rapid batch creation of desktop, desktop standardized management. At the same time, it simplifies the management process, centralizes control, and effectively responds to the needs of different desktop scenarios.

Safe & Controllable

The data does not fall, the terminal is separated from the desktop, the transmission channel is encrypted with SSL, the local disaster recovery storage pool is established, and the user can customize the encryption of three-layer secure copy to ensure the data security of the file.

Convenient & Green

Support mobile phones, pads, PCs, thin clients and other multi-terminal accesses, WIFI, wired broadbands, 4G/5G networks and other multi network access. Energy saving and noise reduction to create a green office environment.

Application Scenario
Applicable Scenario
It is suitable for the daily office scenes of enterprises and government agencies with relatively standard use scenarios and relatively unified application software. The configuration of each desktop remains unchanged, the users are relatively fixed, and office software and browsers are commonly used.
Realized Functions
Data does not fall on the terminal, but concentrated in the cloud storage, to ensure the security of users' office data, can achieve business continuity.
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