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Business Challenge

High Security Risk

It is difficult for IT team to protect vehicle data from leakage, and vehicle data information is easily controlled by hackers

High Concurrent Access

With the gradual production of vehicles and the popularization of vehicle use, more and more vehicle data are accessed concurrently, which has a great impact on the platform

Strict Regulatory Requirements

With the frequent occurrence of traffic accidents, the government has taken more and more strict measures to supervise vehicles

Overall Structure
Make full use of the wide coverage advantage of CT NB-IoT/4G wireless network, access to vehicles all over the country and remote areas, store and process vehicle data reliably and efficiently through the cloud big data platform, use and present data in the cloud vehicle networking application. Cloud based Internet of vehicles applications can interact with internal IT system of automobile enterprises and government monitoring platform through reliable cloud dedicated lines.
Architecture Characteristics

Architecture Features Comprehensive Security Ensure the end-to-end security of Internet of vehicles platform through 5S security system Fast Elastic Expansion The cloud resources are fast and flexible, and can easily cope with the concurrent access of a large number of vehicles Wide Overlay Network The widely distributed 4G and NB-IoT networks can access the vehicles all over the country and the border areas

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Service Case
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    World’s Leading Technology Travelling Platform
    The client is a low carbon travelling platform that has started and got established by utilizing new energy vehicles. Individual/enterprise users can create voluntary carbon emission reduction credit accounts on the client’s platform. Client is committed to providing users with safe, convenient, low-carbon, high-quality one-stop travel solutions. Currently, customers' online ride-hailing platforms have gradually become the main way for online ride-hailing drivers to take orders.
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