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Industry Trend Analysis
Cloud Computing Environment Security Issues are Becoming more and more Important

Cloud computing provides users with a new type of computing, network, and storage environment, but at the service level of systems and applications, compared with traditional deployment methods, it has not undergone revolutionary changes. On the cloud computing platform, threats such as authentication and authorization, logic attacks, client attacks, command execution, and information leakage are still not to be ignored, and cloud computing vendors and enterprise IT managers need to pay sufficient attention. Compared with traditional server architecture, cloud computing technology introduces concepts such as virtualization and multi-tenancy, which to a certain extent bring related risk points to information systems. Security issues such as data leakage, insufficient identity verification, and insecure interfaces have become the core threats facing cloud computing services. How to control the security risks of the cloud computing environment is a concern for both cloud computing service providers and users.

Business Challenge

Network Security Threats

DDoS attacks do great harm to enterprise information systems or applications, may cause direct economic losses and brand damage, lead to business anomalies and the decline of user experience, cause the loss of data center customers, and form a serious security threat to the internal network

Application Platform Security Threats

Threats to the security of network services or user business systems. Most enterprises have weak security awareness, lack of security protection and skills, network services are frequently subjected to malicious scanning and violent cracking, nearly half of the network services have security loopholes, and the security situation of network services is not optimistic.

Data Security Threats

Frequent internal and external data leakage events, hacker attacks or viruses increasingly industrialized, the lack of audit mechanism for key business processes of enterprise sensitive information, and the lack of database sensitive information protection technology will all lead to data leakage, so it is necessary to eliminate security vulnerabilities from data management.

Operating System Security Threat

The most dangerous threat to the system platform is the embedded threat in the system software or hardware chip, such as "Trojan horse" and "trap gate", and the "mechanism" set in a system or a component, which allows violation of security policy when specific data is input.

Application Scenario
Cloud Platform Security

According to the needs of security level and operation and maintenance management, e Cloud divides and isolates the network area of the cloud platform, and provides multi-layer security isolation, access control, border security and other comprehensive network security for the carrying network of the cloud platform.

Safety Service System

e Cloud has complete procedures, specifications, systems and strategies for handling security incidents. According to the urgency and severity of security incidents, three differentiated emergency response services have been developed: Critical (7 X 24), Serious (7 X 8), and Important (5 X 8), a professional security service team is also equipped to provide users with comprehensive security services

Border Security System

e Cloud monitors and protects cloud boundaries from multiple levels and angles: using professional Anti-DDos equipment to provide more refined DDos protection capabilities, and jointly build the first line of defense for boundary security. Border firewall, IPS, and cloud WAF respectively provide network layer access control, four to seven layers of intrusion detection and defense, and provide professional-level Web security protection capabilities.

Overall Structure
Provide a one-stop cloud security solution that not only guarantees physical, environmental, and virtualized security, but also solves all-round security control and protection related to infrastructure, applications, and data, which relieves users of many operational responsibilities. The user is only responsible for the security control related to the IT system (event), including the operating system, applications and data. Relying on advanced technical capabilities and deep technical accumulation, we provide high-quality security service capabilities from multiple aspects.
Architecture Characteristics

Cloud Platform Data Security as the Core e Cloud general scene security service solution, which takes cloud platform data security as the core, mainly covers the basic fields of network, system, application, service, operation and maintenance. Complete Security Service System Covers network, system, application, service, operation and maintenance. Services include cloud-network linkage, end-side security, boundary security, automatic evaluation, and expert services.

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