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Business Challenge

Traditional IT Construction is not Flexible

The medical consortium needs agile and efficient IT technology support, flexible resource expansion, rich and secure connections, and the traditional IT construction is difficult to support business development.

Poor Medical Consortium Connection

The medical consortium lacks top-level design and planning, and the data interconnection among hospitals in the medical consortium is poor and data security is weak.

Data Security is Difficult to be Guaranteed

The importance of medical data security is difficult to be guaranteed

Overall Structure
1. The deployment mode of medical cloud zone is adopted to meet the requirements of multi service scenarios. 2. According to different business attributes, different subnets are designed for isolation to ensure business security. 3. The portal adopts load balancing design to ensure high concurrent access requirements. 4. Connect with the existing computer rooms of hospitals at all levels through the cloud dedicated line.
Architecture Characteristics

1. Operator level five-star computer room ensures the reliability and security of IT infrastructure 2. Medical cloud zone meets the customized needs of medical business 3. Cloud and network integration, safe one-stop service

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