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Industry Trend Analysis
Hybrid Cloud Promotes Diversified Development of Enterprises

Globally, hybrid cloud will become an important way for enterprises to use cloud. Compared with the traditional computer room, lower infrastructure maintenance cost and faster resource expansion speed are the two main reasons for enterprises to choose hybrid cloud. With the diversification of enterprise infrastructure construction and business needs, hybrid cloud will play an increasingly important role in the cloud market.

Business Challenge

High Cost of Multi-platform Management

Multi-platform management has high technical requirements, and it takes a lot of energy to be familiar with the functional logic of each platform, and it is difficult to focus on business

High Construction Cost

Self-built computer room requires high hardware configuration, long construction period, uncontrollable cost, and incomplete infrastructure construction

High Operating Costs

Computing, network, storage and other multi-manufacturer multi-form equipment, small and medium-sized enterprises generally have the problems of insufficient professional and technical personnel and high difficulty in operation


The pure private cloud model cannot quickly match the ever-changing business needs, lack of products and services, and cannot use new technologies to facilitate business innovation

Application Scenario
Intelligent Operation and Maintenance

Use hybrid cloud to achieve intelligent business expansion. When local resources reach the upper limit of use, it will automatically expand to the public cloud and use the public cloud to share the business load to achieve the purpose of reducing investment, simplifying operation and maintenance, and saving costs. Multi-dimensional resource monitoring and statistics, realizing analysis of business health and resource display; refined operation and maintenance management, metering and billing of various types of resources, budget setting, cost statistical analysis, effective cost control.

Hybrid Cloud Management

Unified management of various cloud resources such as private clouds, public clouds, and other third-party cloud platforms. It can help companies improve their management capabilities, operation and maintenance efficiency, and optimize corporate IT operating costs in a multi-cloud IT resource environment, thereby enhancing the capabilities, efficiency and value of corporate IT, and helping companies achieve digital transformation or other business strategies.

Overall Structure
China Telecom's hybrid cloud solutions rely on China Telecom's cloud and network advantages and rich project experience to provide customers with complete solutions including cloud dedicated lines, cloud gateways, private clouds, and hybrid cloud management. Satisfy customers' different cloud options and help enterprises realize digital transformation or other business strategies.
Architecture Characteristics

Unified Management, Unified Service Build a logically unified cloud resource pool from physically dispersed resources for unified management and monitoring of computing, storage and network resources; operation and maintenance management for unified operation and maintenance of all data center resources, provide centralized alarm, log analysis and other fault location means, and provide performance, report and dashboard monitoring methods. Cloud Network Collaboration, Flexible Deployment Through high-speed interconnection such as private line and VPN, the local VPC routing network and the public cloud VPC network are interconnected. Based on the network infrastructure and management control mode, the private cloud operates steady-state business, and the public cloud operates sensitive services, forming a flexible and flexible business system architecture. Operation and Maintenance Management, Unified Platform Private cloud and hybrid cloud are managed through a unified platform, and API of various cloud platforms are connected to establish a unified management portal. The local virtualization resource pool and each cloud resource pool are managed in a unified way to maximize the operation and maintenance efficiency; the cloud resource is managed in a unified way to provide a series of service operation support capabilities such as end-to-end service opening, service monitoring and service measurement based on service directory in the form of service. Seamless Interconnection, Disaster Recovery Support Not only the control plane is opened up, but the data plane is opened up, allowing data to flow. Better play to the advantages of hybrid cloud disaster recovery and backup; at the network level, connect the local private cloud network with the public cloud layer 2 or layer 3 network to achieve a custom network structure; storage layer: business data can be backed up and connected across platforms Disaster tolerance, providing high-reliability data security guarantee.

Recommended Products
Service Case
  • Streaming Service
    Shanghai Center Tower
    The "Shanghai center" building, the first high-rise building in China and the second tallest building in the world, is located in the core area of Shanghai financial trade, with a main body of 118 stories and a total height of 632 meters. Now it has become the new landmark of Shanghai. Due to the large building main target and complex internal structure, fire prevention and anti-theft has always been the top priority of safety prevention and control.
    Use of the product
  • Transport and Logistics
    Long Bang Express (LBEX)
    Customer introduction: Long Bang Express (LBEX) was founded in 2002 with ¥10 million registered capital. It is a lawful operated private express delivery enterprise with license granted by government. LBEX has over 20,000+ employees, 8,000+ vehicles for transport and delivery, 8 countrywide cargo transportation hub, and 30+ branches, more than 80 storage sorting centers, more than 2600 professional distribution outlets, forming a perfect and smooth logistics distribution business system. Longbang logistics has set up a national network management center in Humen, Dongguan. In Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenyang, network management centers in North China, East China, Southwest China and Northeast China have been established respectively. Mainly engaged in international and domestic express freight business. Through continuous efforts, Longbang's service network has covered Hong Kong, Taiwan, Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and other major and medium-sized cities in China, and its business area and network are still expanding rapidly. Through the logistics information system with independent intellectual property rights, Longbang logistics integrates the functions of goods in transit management, vehicle management, customer information interaction platform, online tracking, etc., uses PDA bar code scanning technology to conduct electronic data management for all inbound and outbound goods, uses GPS global positioning system to conduct 24-hour all-round tracking for transport vehicles, and real-time control of goods in transit information Grasp, to provide customers with a full range of high-quality integrated logistics services.
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  • Travel
    Tianjin Tourism Administration
    Tianjin tourism administration is a part of Tianjin Municipal People's government and a national administrative organ. In November 2018, Tianjin Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism was established in the process of institutional reform. Integrate the responsibilities of the Municipal Tourism Bureau and the cultural, radio, television and cultural relics management responsibilities of the municipal culture, radio, film and Television Bureau, and establish the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau as a component Department of the municipal government.
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