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Industry Trend Analysis
Industrial Internet has become an important cornerstone of the new industrial revolution

Industrial Internet promotes the ubiquitous connection, flexible supply and efficient allocation of manufacturing resources by realizing the full interconnection of human, machine and material. It promotes the profound changes to innovation mode, production mode, organizational form and business paradigm of manufacturing industry, and constantly reforming and reshaping the global industrial ecosystem.

Business Challenge

Production is not Visible

In industrial production, the production information of products is not visible, and the manufacturer cannot control the whole process of production. When there is a problem, it is also unable to know which link the problem appears in the production, which leads to low production efficiency and failure troubleshooting.

Production Information Cannot be Grasped in Real Time

Production information cannot be grasped in real time, and information in production cannot be obtained in real time. Therefore, when an emergency occurs, the fault cannot be quickly located and effectively eliminated, resulting in low overall production efficiency and inability to analyze the overall production situation.

Information Island of Industrial Chain

The information system in the industrial chain presents the state of information island. Each information system is not interconnected, unable to exchange data, each application is chimney shaped, separated from each other, unable to interconnect, leading to the industrial chain information become an island.

Application Scenario
Industrial HPC Cloud

Help companies cope with the rapid expansion of computing capacity, high performance requirements, high investment costs, complex expansion deployment and other difficulties, and realize the rapid deployment of ultra-large-scale computing nodes and automatic scaling

Overall Structure
The following is the service capability of China Telecom eCloud platform for industrial cloud. China Telecom provides resources and business platform. From the bottom up, China Telecom provides infrastructure including data center, IDC room and cloud resource pool. Based on the developed basic network of China Telecom, we realize a unified cloud management platform through cloud network integration. In addition to computing, storage and network, our management platform also includes cloud monitoring services, which can monitor user resource usage, provide alarm strategy and historical analysis.
Architecture Characteristics

Comprehensive Products: Products including computing, storage, network, IOT, security and other aspects can easily build industrial cloud platform according to the needs of users Cloud Network Collaboration: With the most abundant cloud and IDC resources in the country, there are more than 380 IDCs of various types in the country, including 15 five-star and 90 four-star; dedicated transmission network realizes high-speed interconnection between IDCs Excellent Customer Service: The entire network has 60,000 key account managers, 10,000 solution managers, 100,000 service managers, and three major research institutes

Recommended Products
Service Case
  • Manufacturing
    Leading Domestic LED New Technology Company
    The client is a leading domestic integrated photoelectric LED new technology company specialized in both LED packaging and LED application product manufacturing. The client’s headquarter is located in Zhongshan, with one branch office in Hong Kong. Client’s ERP server providing remote login access to Hong Kong office employees is in Zhongshan. At the same time, users in Zhongshan need access to Microsoft office365 services and real-time interaction with Microsoft Cloud service. Therefore, customers urgently need a set of overall solutions for optimizing network access to meet the user's network access efficiency.
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