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Industry Trend Analysis
Cloud Services Help Enterprises' Digital Transformation

With the online and offline integration of the Internet and the emergence of new business models, higher requirements and challenges are put forward for enterprise network architecture. e Cloud helps enterprises with its excellent architecture design concepts and large-scale distributed system data operation capabilities to realize the transformation of the Internet and quickly respond to business challenges. (1) Shift from a decentralized and vertical system architecture to an open system architecture (2) Shift from separate exclusive resources to unified resource scheduling and sharing (3) Shift from decentralized data and complex networks to a safe and reliable network architecture (4) Shift from scattered high operation and maintenance costs to centralized management and centralized operation and maintenance (5) Shift from high energy consumption to low energy consumption and environmental protection.

Business Challenge

Cross network distributed integration is difficult

With business development, enterprise applications require multi-regional hybrid cloud deployment. Traditional enterprise integration methods can hardly meet the requirements of cross-network safe and reliable integration on the cloud, under the cloud, and between the clouds; after the application is on the cloud, a new information island will be formed, and the enterprise Integration of private cloud applications is difficult.

IT and OT Digital Divide

Enterprise Internet of Things data exists in multi-vendor equipment, IT systems, closed industrial systems, and multiple IOT platforms, resulting in massive amounts of enterprise OT (production and Internet of things equipment) data, unable to efficiently enter IT systems and big data platforms, and value cannot be mined.

Complex Integration Architecture and Dependencies

The complexity of enterprise business determines the existence of traditional applications, cloud applications, SaaS, and multiple data sources within the enterprise; traditional "point-to-point" integration creates complex integration and dependencies between enterprise system applications, and the architecture is difficult to expand and maintain.

Open and Collaborative Cloud Capabilities

Enterprise internal and external business innovation and the integration of multi-regional partners need to open up the internal capabilities of the enterprise, and at the same time introduce external innovative cloud services into the enterprise; the enterprise integration platform is required to provide capabilities such as cross-network security integration, service orchestration, and service opening.

Application Scenario
Enterprise Cloud Disaster Recovery

e Cloud builds a basic, flexible, credible and economical business continuity guarantee platform for enterprises

Enterprise Finance on Cloud

Help enterprises cope with the tide pressure of financial system business, provide a safe, stable and isolated operating environment, and help enterprises to ensure classified protection and compliance.

Overall Structure
Since central enterprises have high requirements for system stability and data security, the overall architecture of enterprise cloud access is mainly dedicated cloud + private cloud + cloud management platform. Dedicated cloud: For enterprise non-core applications and non-critical applications, use dedicated cloud to carry. Private cloud: It is recommended to use a private cloud to carry the core applications and save core data of the enterprise. On the basis of dedicated cloud and private cloud, we have implemented a unified cloud management platform to help enterprises manage all cloud resources in a unified manner.
Architecture Characteristics

-Exclusive Computing and Storage -100% Safety -Public Network Access -Cost saving -Hybrid Cloud Architecture -High Speed Intercommunication

Recommended Products
Service Case
  • Retail
    Multinational corporation
    As a multinational corporation that entered the Chinese market early, the client has carried out a wide range of business activities in China. Currently, the client is faced with the problems of complex business operating environment, high WAN resources consumption, and difficult management and operation and maintenance, urging it to upgrade the existing WAN platform.
    Use of the product
  • Finance
    Internationally Renowned Insurance Company
    The client is an internationally renowned insurance company, and its insurance business APP has a large number of mobile users. However, due to problems such as slow access on the mobile terminal and slow page loading and display, users have a lot of dissatisfaction with the client’s business APP. At the same time, information needs to be frequently synchronized between headquarters and branch offices, which has extremely high requirements for security.
    Use of the product
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