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Product Advantages
  • Automated Performance Testing

    One click access to infrastructure benchmark performance data, one-way and comprehensive benchmark tools covering the best events in the industry.

  • Distributed Monitoring

    Build a national regional distributed monitoring node network to meet the monitoring of multiple data centers and resource pools internally and the distributed monitoring of cloud services externally.

  • Stereoscopic Monitoring

    Three dimensional full stack monitoring, covering data center resource pool, physical and virtual servers, containers, middleware, cloud services.

  • Multi Dimension Monitoring

    Multidimensional analysis granularity, including basic performance, fault alert, business response and throughput, as well as big data optimization and prediction based on it.

Host System Penetration Test

The penetration test of windows, Linux and other operating systems through the web system.

Penetration Test of Database System

The penetration test of MS-SQL, Oracle, mysql, access and other database application systems through web system.

Application System Penetration Test

The penetration test is conducted for various applications provided by penetration target, such as WWW applications composed of ASP, CGI, JSP, PHP, etc.

Application Scenario
Applicable Scenario
Provide customers with third-party continuous public cloud evaluation data, and customers use these data for market research.
Realized Functions
Bring out the potential security risks of customer application systems in the form of real events to raise the awareness of security issues among relevant personnel. Enable system administrators, developers, maintenance personnel and application personnel who are not aware of the security risks of the application system to understand the security risks faced by the application system as a whole.
Service Case
  • State-Owned Enterprises
    Original Force
    Original Force Computer Animation Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, is a company focusing on providing the best content for the global digital entertainment industry. Business covers independent intellectual property rights animation film projects and games, film and television content production. At present, Original Force has nearly 1000 employees, headquartered in Nanjing, and located in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and the United States
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  • Streaming Service
    Shanghai Center Tower
    The "Shanghai center" building, the first high-rise building in China and the second tallest building in the world, is located in the core area of Shanghai financial trade, with a main body of 118 stories and a total height of 632 meters. Now it has become the new landmark of Shanghai. Due to the large building main target and complex internal structure, fire prevention and anti-theft has always been the top priority of safety prevention and control.
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  • Medical Service
    Jining County Health Information Platform
    According to the requirements of the national overall framework "4631-2" and the unified standards and specifications of Shandong Province, the overall construction content of the county-level health information platform in Jining City is planned according to the actual situation of each district and county under the jurisdiction of Jining City.
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  • Streaming Service
    ShanXi Network TeleVision
    ShanXi Network TeleVision is the mouthpiece of Shanxi provincial Party committee and government in the field of new media. It is a new form of radio and television broadcasting organization with broadband Internet, mobile communication network and other emerging information networks as the program transmission carrier. The main task of ShanXi Network TeleVision is to convey government orders to the society, publicize the party's and state's principles and policies, and report, publicize and guide public opinion on major political, economic, social, cultural, sports and other activities or events in Shanxi Province through new carriers, new channels and new means such as broadband Internet.
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  • Transport and Logistics
    Long Bang Express (LBEX)
    Customer introduction: Long Bang Express (LBEX) was founded in 2002 with ¥10 million registered capital. It is a lawful operated private express delivery enterprise with license granted by government. LBEX has over 20,000+ employees, 8,000+ vehicles for transport and delivery, 8 countrywide cargo transportation hub, and 30+ branches, more than 80 storage sorting centers, more than 2600 professional distribution outlets, forming a perfect and smooth logistics distribution business system. Longbang logistics has set up a national network management center in Humen, Dongguan. In Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenyang, network management centers in North China, East China, Southwest China and Northeast China have been established respectively. Mainly engaged in international and domestic express freight business. Through continuous efforts, Longbang's service network has covered Hong Kong, Taiwan, Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and other major and medium-sized cities in China, and its business area and network are still expanding rapidly. Through the logistics information system with independent intellectual property rights, Longbang logistics integrates the functions of goods in transit management, vehicle management, customer information interaction platform, online tracking, etc., uses PDA bar code scanning technology to conduct electronic data management for all inbound and outbound goods, uses GPS global positioning system to conduct 24-hour all-round tracking for transport vehicles, and real-time control of goods in transit information Grasp, to provide customers with a full range of high-quality integrated logistics services.
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  • Travel
    Tianjin Tourism Administration
    Tianjin tourism administration is a part of Tianjin Municipal People's government and a national administrative organ. In November 2018, Tianjin Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism was established in the process of institutional reform. Integrate the responsibilities of the Municipal Tourism Bureau and the cultural, radio, television and cultural relics management responsibilities of the municipal culture, radio, film and Television Bureau, and establish the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau as a component Department of the municipal government.
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  • Education
    Nanning Education Bureau
    Nanning Education Bureau is the functional department of Nanning Municipal People's government, in charge of the city's education and Chinese language work. There are 11 departments (offices) including office, policy and regulation department, personnel education department, planning and financial infrastructure department, basic education department, vocational education and adult education department, sports and health art education department, education supervision group office of Municipal People's government, Chinese language and writing work department, Party committee office, discipline inspection and supervision room. It has jurisdiction over 2623 schools in seven counties and five districts, with 1.18 million students and 49000 full-time teachers.
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