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Product Advantages
  • Active Defense

    Intelligent semantic analysis algorithm, which is world’s leading technology, is applied combining with machine learning techniques, to realize the attack detection based on context logic, and extract the principle of similar attacks. This technique has natural resistance to unknown threats.

  • Deep and precise protection

    It supports the detection ability in complex format data environment, and reasonablelogic complexity detection, avoiding false positives caused by massive detected data, meanwhile, it can adaptively decode various forms of data coding to avoid bypassing in different coding ways.

  • Easy to Use

    One click to open and use, full visual interface operation, no complex network access configuration.

Accurate Interception

Using the algorithm iteration to change the status of protection rules, the attack interception performance is improved to a new level while the false alarm rate is reduced.

Targeted API Protection

Effectively deal with security issues in different scenarios such as micro service and Internet of things.

Precise Threat Intelligence Linkage

Through the multi-party Threat Intelligence linkage analysis, it can predict the attack in advance and trace the source after the event.

Application Scenario
Applicable Scenario
According to the characteristics of the enterprise's external business system, it provides automatic protection for 0day vulnerabilities of web applications, without manual patching and fixes, and can effectively reduce the chances where the web applications such as websites, H5, APP, and applets are invaded by hackers and viruses, as well as the risks of horse hanging, webpage tampering, crawler, data leakage, and CC attack.
Service Case
  • Finance
    Large Joint Venture Fund Management Company
    The client is one of the largest joint-venture fund management companies in Hong Kong from Mainland China. The original website is deployed in a self-built private cloud, whose expansion speed and security update speed incapable of meeting national regulations and business development needs. Client is searching for domestically produced cloud resources that are autonomous, self-controllable, secure, and flexible to expand to meet growing business development needs.
    Use of the product
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