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Product Advantages
  • Enterprise Device Hosting

    Provide the rack rental and supporting Tier3 and above machine room environment according to the KVA, rack model and other special requirements specified by the user, and meet the requirements of user custody in all respects. Provide perfect on-site services, including site occupancy and installation, equipment and spare parts replacement and daily operation and maintenance services, without the user visiting the site for implementation.

  • Diversification of Delivery

    According to the user's demand, we provide the purchasing and leasing of server, storage and network equipment, as well as rack, power and daily operation and maintenance services, and use the carrier level computer room facilities to improve the availability and reliability of resources. Based on the basic hardware maintenance and regular inspection services provided by e Cloud, flexible IT infrastructure and operation and maintenance management services are provided.

  • Flexible Virtual Private Cloud

    Based on the industry-leading virtualization technology, we can provide cloud hosts for users, and also allocate cloud resources according to the number of vCPU, vRAM, storage resources, public IP and other resources purchased by users. It supports users to flexibly create the private cloud network environment they need according to their own needs, and provides VPN services for users to access their private cloud resources.

  • Expert Technical Operations

    Have a professional team to provide 7 × 24 multilingual service desk, according to the ISO20000 process, to accept users' complaints and guarantee, to ensure to meet the SLA of user service. Support remote and on-site system management operation, including remote DBA, middleware, application management and maintenance of software and hardware resources, reduce user input and ensure system security.

Equipment Rental and Hosting

The construction and delivery of private cloud infrastructure are based on carrier class computer room environment

Support the maintenance and management of user's hardware equipment

The construction and delivery of private cloud infrastructure are based on carrier class computer room environment

Support the maintenance and management of user's hardware equipment

Provide a variety of equipment purchasing and financial leasing services.

Virtualization is a Private Cloud

Deliver user exclusive private cloud environment based on industry leading virtualization technology

Support automatic deployment of database, middleware and web server cluster

Deliver user exclusive private cloud environment based on industry leading virtualization technology

Support automatic deployment of database, middleware and web server cluster

Flexible network policy configuration

Support users to customize private cloud network environment on demand.

Expert Technical Operations Services

Through 7 × 24-hour service desk and monitoring service

To provide users with expert level network operation and maintenance management, operating system operation and maintenance management, database operation and maintenance management, middleware and application management, storage management and software and hardware maintenance.

Operations Management Services

Support the event, change and problem management process following ITIL standard

Provide complete report analysis and architecture optimization services.

Application Scenario
Applicable Scenario
Application scenarios with high requirements for security, performance and reliability, such as finance, government industry, etc. Through physical resource isolation, network resource isolation, combined with data multi-copy preservation technology and various security protection products, it can fully guarantee the safe operation of business.
Service Case
  • Education
    Yunnan Sunshine Kindergarten
    Yunnan's first batch of Kindergartens Using monitoring video storage devices put forward the concepts of sunshine, transparent and standardized environment, safe and assured growth environment, etc
    Use of the product
  • State-Owned Enterprises
    China Minsheng Bank
    China Minsheng Banking Corporation is the first Chinese mainland commercial bank established by private capital. It has developed into a large commercial bank with a net capital of over 370 billion yuan, a total assets of over 5 trillion and 700 billion yuan, a total of nearly 3000 branches and 57 thousand employees.
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  • Streaming Service
    Shanghai Center Tower
    The "Shanghai center" building, the first high-rise building in China and the second tallest building in the world, is located in the core area of Shanghai financial trade, with a main body of 118 stories and a total height of 632 meters. Now it has become the new landmark of Shanghai. Due to the large building main target and complex internal structure, fire prevention and anti-theft has always been the top priority of safety prevention and control.
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  • Education
    Boshile Education Group
    Boshile Education Group (formerly Country Garden Education Group) is the largest k12 education group in China. It landed on the New York Stock Exchange on May 18, 2017, becoming the largest IPO of China Education Group listed in the United States. In the next three years, it will develop into a global quality education group with nearly 100 schools, quality and strength.
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  • Medical Service
    Jining County Health Information Platform
    According to the requirements of the national overall framework "4631-2" and the unified standards and specifications of Shandong Province, the overall construction content of the county-level health information platform in Jining City is planned according to the actual situation of each district and county under the jurisdiction of Jining City.
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  • Travel
    Tianjin Tourism Administration
    Tianjin tourism administration is a part of Tianjin Municipal People's government and a national administrative organ. In November 2018, Tianjin Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism was established in the process of institutional reform. Integrate the responsibilities of the Municipal Tourism Bureau and the cultural, radio, television and cultural relics management responsibilities of the municipal culture, radio, film and Television Bureau, and establish the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau as a component Department of the municipal government.
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  • Education
    Nanning Education Bureau
    Nanning Education Bureau is the functional department of Nanning Municipal People's government, in charge of the city's education and Chinese language work. There are 11 departments (offices) including office, policy and regulation department, personnel education department, planning and financial infrastructure department, basic education department, vocational education and adult education department, sports and health art education department, education supervision group office of Municipal People's government, Chinese language and writing work department, Party committee office, discipline inspection and supervision room. It has jurisdiction over 2623 schools in seven counties and five districts, with 1.18 million students and 49000 full-time teachers.
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