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Industry Trend Analysis
Medical Industry Solutions Help Digital Transformation of the Medical Industry

With the deepening of medical information reform, we must use advanced platform technology to break the data island and realize the uniform distribution of medical resources. Therefore, under the continuous integration of cloud computing, big data and other technologies, medical informatization will present a new development trend. e Cloud makes full use of its advanced technology to build a safe, efficient and practical medical cloud data management platform to help the digital transformation of the medical industry.

Business Challenge

It Investment Increases Year by Year

IT investment is increasing year by year, and the addition of systems means the increase of costs such as manpower, material resources, and space. Therefore, the hospital needs to change the one-time large investment into an even annual operating expense model to facilitate cost control. Liberate manpower and material resources, save space, and lighten IT assets.

Data Security Vulnerabilities

In recent years, global organizations have faced severe data security risks, therefore, hospitals urgently need to strengthen data security management at all levels, and protect the entire life cycle of data from collection, storage, transmission, processing, exchange to destruction.

Inefficient Data Management

Because of the characteristics of medical data massive small files, hospitals produce a large number of silent data. According to statistics, IT staff spend a lot of time in data management, search and preparation. Therefore, hospitals need to improve data agility and enhance the ability of total data management.

Lack of Effective Data Control

Data management is not only a capacity management problem, but also a quantity management problem that is easy to be ignored,at the same time, security and compliance risks need to be removed. Leaders of IT organizations should manage and organize all data while reducing data capacity, quantity and data security risk.

Application Scenario
Auxiliary Medical Research

Provides quick retrieval and quick search of historical archived data, helping medical scientific research to proceed smoothly, and downloading can be scheduled to save scientific research time and wake up silent data

Medical Image and Medical Record Data Backup

The unique core fragmentation algorithm is adopted to ensure the security and controllability of cloud data, at the same time, through the optimized software to ensure the efficiency of data cloud and interaction, to ensure business continuity

Data Exchange of Medical Association

Ensure the data storage and transmission safety of the medical consortium, the fragmented and safe storage of all data, and only the data that is used interactively can be restored and used

Cloud Disaster Recovery, Anti Blackmail Virus

Data security on the cloud backup to any cloud data center, remote disaster recovery at the same time anti-virus, multi-version storage, and can be traced back to the local or in the cloud to restore data

Overall Structure
e Cloud medical data security management system is a cloud solution to solve the data interaction security and storage security, which makes the full amount of data controllable in the whole life cycle, and solves the problems of cloud anti leakage and anti blackmail virus on medical privacy data such as medical images and medical records. The solution conforms to the data security law promulgated by the state, and solves the data security sharing problems between hospitals and patients, hospitals and hospitals, and hospitals and governments. Finally, it supports customers to manage and use data well in many scenarios.
Architecture Characteristics

Mass File Management Easily realize the unified management of tens of billions of small files and a single large file of hundreds of G, which solves the problem of massive small file management. Cost Optimization, Fast Retrieval Cloud intelligent cold and hot hierarchical storage, small file packaging, reducing storage costs, while breaking the soft work limit, tens of billions of small files can be retrieved in minutes. Data Security DDA data hash algorithm technology is adopted to ensure data security through cloud fragmentation, distributed storage, encrypted transmission and permission control. Efficient Transmission and Retrieval Distributed storage, multi-link concurrent running full bandwidth, scheduled download, local cache, etc., improve transmission speed, break soft work restrictions, and retrieve tens of billions of massive small files in minutes.

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