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Industry Advantage
e Cloud was established
One province, one pool of resource coverage
Large enterprise
Domestic public cloud IaaS market share
About e Cloud
"China Telecom International Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as "International Company") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of "China Telecom Corporation Limited" (ranked 160th in the 2015 Fortune Global 500 Companies), established in 2012 , Headquartered in Hong Kong. International companies fully rely on China's inland resource advantages, radiate Asia-Pacific, connect the world, and have established institutions in 31 countries and regions around the world. Build 63 overseas PoP nodes and 40 OTN nodes, with international transmission export bandwidth and transcontinental capacity exceeding 9T, and resources on 33 submarine cables, including more than 10 submarine cables, and more than 10 neighboring countries There is direct land cable connection with the region, and the global layout of service outlets and network capabilities has basically taken shape. in Under the "Belt and Road" brand new economic cooperation model, in the future, international companies will further increase the construction of strategic channels and advantageous routes to lay a global resource advantage. International companies provide personalized, cost-effective integrated communication solutions and diversified telecommunications services that meet global business needs, including Internet access and transfer, for international operator customers, multinational corporate customers and public customers mainly overseas Chinese. Access services, data services, broadband services, unified communications services, Internet data centers and cloud computing services, ICT services, fixed and mobile voice services and value-added services, professional and industry solution services, telecom operation consulting and service outsourcing services, etc.
Safe and Reliable
There are 300+ domestic network nodes and 40+ global network nodes, covering large and medium cities in China and major cities in the world. Network traffic will be encrypted to avoid surveillance and intrusion, and improve user data security.
Global network coverage
More than 30 Cloud-Nodes are available around the world, covering major regions, keeping pace with your global business development and providing secure management.
Cloud network integration
Cloud-network integration is a cross-field of cloud computing and networking. As the process of enterprises going to the cloud continues to advance, its industry development is also becoming mature. Initially, cloud-network integration served enterprises to go to the cloud, and the continuity, completeness and speed of enterprise cloud-to-clouds were ensured through dedicated lines. As the industry matures, cloud-network integration has also become an independent field of cloud computing, appearing in the cloud. Among the various scenarios of calculation.
China Telecom International Corporation Overseas Cloud Service
Based on China Telecom's virtual cloud service infrastructure resource pool and professional service capabilities, China Telecom International provides customers with shared or exclusive virtual cloud service resources (including computing, storage and network) leasing services. China Telecom International's overseas cloud The service has the characteristics of rapid deployment, on-demand lease, user self-management, security and high availability.
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