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Product Advantages
  • Safe and Effective

    The product is certified by an independent third party and can provide strong security protection against known and unknown attacks through continuous threat intelligence update.

  • High Performance Threat Detection and Defense

    Excellent threat defense and SSL detection performance, can effectively prevent malicious software attacks hidden in encrypted traffic, client access without delay.

  • Easy to Use

    The configuration is easy to operate and provides consistent security policy. Through unified panel management of security assets, including physical network and virtual network assets, visual operation can be carried out throughout the process without complicated network access configuration.

Automatic Continuous Assessment of Network Security Risks

Through the automatic workflow and audit function, it not only alleviates the contradiction of network security personnel scarcity, but also ensures the compliance.

Critical Application Protection

Provide high elastic network segment protection and isolation, ultra-low latency.

Support Smooth Expansion

Cloud firewall adopts cluster deployment mode, which supports smooth expansion of performance.

Application Scenario
Applicable Scenario
It can detect and analyze the active external connection behavior of cloud assets, Internet access traffic and Intranet mutual access traffic, help customers understand the network traffic dynamics in real time, judge which cloud assets are in the risk state, and block these abnormal behaviors in real time to prevent potential risks.
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