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Product Advantages
  • Delivery in Minute

    Minute-level deliverability, saving time on hardware procurement, installation, and deployment

  • Ultimate Computing Performance

    It provides the same computing performance as traditional physical servers, and customers can get the highest performance experience

  • Secure Physical Isolation

    Physical machine level isolation provides users with secure, reliable, stable and exclusive computing resources

  • High Compatibility

    Compatible with all cloud products, such as VPC, SLB, EIP, cloud disk, elastic scalability, security group, disaster recovery

VPC Network Support

Flexible and interconnected networking between bare metal servers and cloud servers through a private network within the VPC

Automatic Distribution

Self service application of bare metal server can complete automatic image installation, network configuration and cloud hard disk mount function without manual intervention

Support Cloud Disk

Support the cloud disk to mount and unload the bare metal server online, to meet your requirements for elastic storage

Life Cycle Management

Manage the bare metal server in the console, including the startup, shutdown, restart and deletion of bare metal server

Application Scenario
Applicable Scenario
In the military industry, telecommunications and other fields, there are a large number of embedded devices or dedicated peripherals to process high-frequency, massive signals or data, such as radar, base stations, etc.. The signals or data are processed at the operation site, deployed in the form of dedicated embedded devices or servers, and the operating system is generally mostly a dedicated real-time operating system.
Realized Functions
Signal and data processing is sensitive to delay; There is a high demand for real-time performance of the operating system; Lack of unified monitoring of field equipment.
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