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Applicable Scenarios
2021-07-02 15:58:42

1. Transnational and cross regional business deployment

Large multinational enterprises build national and even global IT supporting systems. They need to use multi cloud capabilities to achieve global deployment, since their own private cloud can not cover all regions and/or the cost is too expensive. For example, when a large company sells electronic products in the United States, it needs to connect the enterprise's sales system in the United States, which is deployed on local private cloud and public cloud.

oversea business

2. Cloud disaster recovery and  key data synchronization

There is a gap between the enterprise's private cloud operating capabilities, and operation and maintenance management ability of the large public cloud. Considering the cost performance, some systems or data are regularly backed up to the public cloud. Data synchronization are carried out regularly between enterprise branches and headquarters.backup

3. The Burst of Business

For the enterprise whose business shows obvious peak/off-peak volatility, it is necessary to consider the requirement of business support, business burst, and total enterprise IT cost. The adoption of multi-cloud service will be able to address the requirement from internet innovative enterprise (such as online training company), which requires resource bursting in short period and then release the resource during off-peak period. The multi-cloud service utilizes public cloud’s adequate resource pool to fulfill the customer’s elastic resource requirement, and also contribute to the cost saving for the customer at the same time.


4. Global High Availability and Performance Requirement

The enterprise's own private cloud cannot cover all regions to provide customers with high-performance services. With CDN, global load balancing and other capabilities of the public cloud, e Cloud provides better availability and performance.


5. Adopt Leading Public Cloud Service

The private cloud of the enterprise can’t fulfill all IT requirements towards different application scenarios. Enterprise can incorporate different public clouds’ leading services, e.g., adopting Artificial Intelligence service from A cloud and adopting storage service from B cloud.


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