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Product Advantage
2021-07-02 09:32:50

1.Self-service Portal

Users can access unified resource orchestration, visualization, and operating maintenance management, with one click of the start and shut-down operation. The self-service portal also supports automated and self-serviced service delivery in multi-cloud environment, to enable the smart operation and highly efficient maintenance in the multi-cloud environment.

2.Resource Management

Users can open and manage resources through the cloud platform console according to business needs, so as to realize unified resource maintenance under multi cloud and multi tenant. Users can manage resources among cloud services from Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Huawei Cloud and other mainstream cloud service providers.

3. Bill Analysis

Provides multi-dimensional and more detailed billing analysis and report generation in a flexible billing model. Supports multi-dimensional view of bill details such as product line and cost center. Supports public cloud billing early warning to avoid user misoperation. Supports sending bill reports regularly to help users understand bill details.

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Multi-cloud Service
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