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Product Function
2021-07-01 16:45:50

Through multi-cloud services, you can manage all kinds of cloud services that in one platform, including e Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, AWS, etc.

1.e Cloud, provided by China Telecom Global Limited with shared or exclusive virtual cloud services and resources (including computing, storage and network). e Cloud enables rapid deployment, on-demand lease, user self-management, security and high availability.

2. Huawei cloud, founded in 2005. Huawei Cloud share its advantages of technology accumulation and product solutions in the ICT field for more than 30 years, and is committed to providing stable, reliable, safe, and sutainable innovative cloud services.

3. Alibaba cloud, founded in 2009. Alibaba cloud is a leading cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology company in the world, providing services to enterprises, developers and government agencies in more than 200 countries and regions. Alibaba cloud is committed to providing secure and reliable computing and data processing capabilities in the form of online public services, making computing and AI inclusive technologies.

4. AWS.  Amazon Web Services is the most comprehensive and widely used cloud platform in the world, providing more than 200 full-featured services from global data centers. Millions of customers, including the fastest-growing start-ups, the largest businesses, and major government agencies, are using AWS to reduce costs, improve agility, and accelerate innovation. Today, Amazon Web Services provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud, supporting hundreds of enterprises in 190 countries around the world.

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Multi-cloud Service
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