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Product Advantages
2021-06-17 10:13:20

Easy to use

The smart gateway can connect to SD-WAN POP through WAN port, 4G-LTE and other means. Users can flexibly configure the uplink mode of SD-WAN through self-service mode, making networking and accessing convenient.

Low Cost

SD-WAN networking usually uses Internet broadband access at the client end, and Internet links are usually much cheaper than carrier-grade MPLS connections. SD-WAN products enable enterprises to effectively use all available network connections to meet all their needs without worrying about maintaining idle backup links.

Secured Transmission

SD-WAN adopts IPSec VPN tunnel transmission in WAN transmission. The smart gateway supports multiple uplink links, network quality monitoring and detection. Smart gateway can also perform multiple security reinforcements and prompts monitoring information at the data transmission level to ensure the security of network data transmission.

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