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Cloud Connectivity - MSD


Executive Summary

Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD), a global leading pharmaceutical company, was seeking for a service provider to connect Beijing AWS to its China branch office located in Shanghai, along with high security, cost-effectiveness, and low latency. To fulfill MSD’s needs, China Telecom Limited (China Telecom) provided an interconnection solution by combining its MSTP network and ECP services.

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Research-intensive Pharmaceutical Company with a Long History

For 130 years, MSD has been committed to improving health and well-being by staying at the forefront of research to tackle life-threatening diseases, including cancers, infectious diseases such as HIV and Ebola, and emergent animal diseases. Driven by innovation and scientific excellence, MSD is dedicated to being a research-intensive biopharmaceutical company. In 2020, the total R&D investment had reached 13.6 billion USD covering the areas of Oncology, Vaccines, Infectious diseases, Covid-19, and Cardio-metabolic disorders such as cardiovascular and diabetes.

MSD’s Needs for Low Latency Cloud Connectivity

MSD has been seeing the opportunities and benefits of involving AWS resources such as cloud computing in its R&D processes and business operations. Therefore, some applications related to R&D and customer services were moved to AWS. To enhance customer experience and optimize R&D processes, MSD was seeking for a secure and low-latency cloud connectivity between its Shanghai Office and VPCs at Beijing AWS. When exploring the market, MSD found that three options are available to connect to public cloud, including leased line, MPLS and Internet VPN. Although both leased line and MPLS provide secure and low-latency connectivity, it’s relatively expensive to set up long-distance connectivity between Shanghai and Beijing. On the other hand, Internet VPN costs less but latency is high, and no SLA is guaranteedHence, none of the three methods aligned to MSD’s requirement for cost-effective and low-latency cloud connectivity. With Elastic Connection Platform (ECP), China Telecom provided an alternative solution for MSD to tackle this problem.

World-class Integrated Telecommunication Services Provider

China Telecom is a large-scale and leading integrated intelligent information services operator in the world, providing wireline & mobile telecommunications services, Internet access services, information services and other value-added telecommunications services. China Telecom commits to helping customers achieve business growth, enhance global footprints, and maintain competitiveness by providing innovative products and business models as well as industry-leading technologies. Currently, China Telecom is a partner of AWS Partner Network (APN) providing cloud connectivity services.

Cloud Connectivity with ECP Service

China Telecom helped MSD deal with the challenge by integrating its ECP service and MSTP network. ECP is an elastic interconnection service designed to cater for enterprises seeking for secure and reliable cloud-to-cloud, and on-premises to cloud connections. Both layer 2 and layer 3 connections are supported by ECP. Along with China Telecom’s Tier-1 cloud-connected Data Center Interconnect (DCI) network, low-latency with high security cloud connectivity is provided.

Since the connection is originated form MSD’s Shanghai office, a connection is needed to connect the office to a closest ECP edge POP. To ensure high speed and cost-effectiveness, a 500M ethernet private line based on China Telecom’s MSTP network was created to connect the branch office to SH-PBS, a ECP edge POP located in Shanghai. Through ECP backbone, SH-PBS has been connected to Sinnet, another ECP POP in Beijing which also serves as an AWS Direct Connect location in China. As a result, MSD’s branch office and VPCs at Beijing AWS are interconnected through China Telecom’s network and AWS direct connect service. In this case, a layer 2 connection was created with a low latency of 26ms between SH-PBS and Sinnet. Below shows the architecture diagram in detail.

Cross-border Cloud Connectivity Via ECP

Cross-Region Cloud Connectivity Via ECP

Benefits form ECP Service

ECP allows China Telecom offer MSD cost-effective cloud connectivity solution with low latency. Redundancy in ECP network and 24/7 quick-response customer supports result in end-to-end SLAs of 99.95% and 99.9%. Security is ensured by end-to-end encryption and dedicated connectivity for data transfer. ECP supports flexible billing and scalable bandwidth, allowing MSD to deploy the right solution for their applications. Through ECP portal, MSD can manage its network with convenience and efficiency, by making use of functions like real-time traffic monitoring and traffic graph.

Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) is a multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Kenilworth, New Jersey, USA. MSD is professional in the research and development of medicines, vaccines, biologic therapies, and animal health products.


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