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"Virtual Graduation" floods the social network, e Cloud and Soochow University perform the fancy " Virtual Graduation"


Robots stand in for graduation ceremony, luggage "online packing", click-through the hand-painted map for virtual campus touring, online automatic synthesis of a group photo of graduates and college teachers... From "Virtual Opening" to "Virtual Graduation", major universities across the country have started to adopt cloud-based ceremony, aiming to bring students a formal sense through the power of science and technology.

However, the graduation ceremony has always been regarded as a valuable life experience by students, but because of the epidemic, this graduation season has become even more memorable. Whether it is a graduation photo taken in a host of virtual environments, or varied forms of online ceremony, it is all thanks to the power of Internet technology.

On the afternoon of June 28th, Soochow University held a special degree-granting ceremony for 2020 graduates through the graduation ceremony online platform, which caused heated discussions on social media. It is reported that the ceremony platform is jointly created by Soochow University and e Cloud to support multiple cloud-based functions for live streaming, campus touring, blessing, tassel turning, photographing, lottery drawing, etc. 6496 undergraduate students, 3798 master students and 389 doctoral students from 26 colleges (departments) in Tiancizhuang Campus, Dushu Lake Campus and Yangcheng Lake Campus attended the Cloud Graduation Ceremony that night.

The graduation ceremony adopts a special way of cloud interaction, inviting graduates to watch the live broadcast through the computer or mobile application, avoiding the risk of epidemics caused by the gathering of people. The whole school's faculty and staff, relatives of graduates, and people from all walks of life can witness the spectacle through the live broadcast platform, which support interactive functions such as bullet comments to delight the viewing experience of students. According to incomplete statistics, the cumulative number of viewers of the online live broadcast has reached more than 100,000.

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