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Cloud Connectivity - align


Executive Summary

Align Technology, a global manufacturer of 3D digital scanners and clear aligners for orthodontic, was looking for a solution to cross-border cloud connectivity between Beijing AWS and Tokyo AWS. To tackle this challenge, Align Technology adopted the ECP Service of China Telecom Limited (China Telecom), which provides cross-border cloud connectivity with stability and reliability. 


A Fast-growing Company Reshapes the Orthodontic Industry

Align Technology designs and manufactures clear aligners for orthodontic and restorative treatment. By combining digital treatment planning and mass-customization, with shape-engineering based on biomechanical principles, the company has driven the evolution of dental industry. Align Technology also offers various 3D digital scanning solutions, which enhances both orthodontic treatment efficiency and patient experiences. With a market opportunity of 500 million consumers, Align Technology is growing rapidly. Nowadays, Align Technology has helped doctors treat more than 10.2 million patients worldwide.

Needs for Reliable Cross-border Connectivity

Considering the strengths of high flexibility and abundant global resources, Align Technology has adopted AWS as its cloud service provider, so as to improve productivity and to support the fast-growing global business. Different AWS accounts of multiple regions are created to meet the needs of global operations, including the account of AWS China. Since there is no direct connection between AWS China and AWS Global due to China’s regulatory and legal requirements, Align Technology was faced with the challenge of creating reliable interconnection among resources located in Beijing AWS and Tokyo AWS. Align Technology was hoping to find a cloud connectivity service provider with short delivery lead time to tackle this problem, and China Telecom appeared to be a suitable choice.

Helps from China Telecom

China Telecom, a partner of AWS Partner Network (APN), is a world-class integrated telecommunication services provider with an agile and forward-looking spirit, innovative products and business models, and industry-leading technologies. China Telecom is dedicated to creating value for customers in their business transformation, enabling them to achieve business growth, enhance global footprints and maintain competitive edges by digitalization. It was China Telecom’s substantial network resources and experience in cross-border network connectivity that convinced Align Technology to embrace China Telecom’s Cloud Connectivity Service, and the outcomes had proven to be a great success.

Cross-border Cloud Connectivity with ECP Service

To fulfill Align Technology’s needs, China Telecom introduced the Elastic Connection Platform (ECP). ECP is an elastic interconnection service for global enterprises seeking for cross-border cloud connectivity solutions. ECP provides both layer 2 and layer 3 cloud-to-cloud, and on-premises to cloud connections along with dynamically scale bandwidth from 2M to 10G. Through China Telecom’s Tier-1 cloud-connected Global DCI (Data Center Interconnect) network, Align Technology can access cloud resources across the globe at high-speed with reliability. 

In this case, Align Technology required a 20M cross-border connection between Beijing AWS and Tokyo AWS. As shown in the architecture diagram, China Telecom provided layer 2 redundant connections to ensure a high SLA of 99.95%. VPCs located in Beijing AWS are connected to ECP network via two ECP POPS, (i.e. GDS and Sinnet) while VPCS at Tokyo AWS is connected through EQX TY8 with separated equipment to achieve redundancy requirements. As a result, resources at two locations are interconnected through reliable and high-speed cross-border network.


Cross-border Cloud Connectivity Via ECP

Fast Delivery with Flexibility and Reliability

With China Telecom’s professional Project Teams, the connection was created in less than 24 hours, while maintaining high service quality. End-to-end SLA of 99.95% is guaranteed through redundant connections and 24/7 quick-response customer supports. Scalability is offer by burstable bandwidth, allowing dynamically scalable bandwidth from 2M to 10G as requirements change during peak hours. By connecting to ECP, Align Technology can expand its public cloud network easily. With China Telecom’s abundant network resources throughout the world, ECP supports the ability to create interconnection among multi-cloud platforms and Align Technology’s premises.


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