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Xinhua Cloud 2.0 Release: Xinhua Net to Launch the e Cloud as The Go-To Cloud for Media


Recently, Xinhua net, China Telecom, and Alibaba Cloud had successfully hosted an online press conference announcing the Xinhua Cloud 2.0 release. The conference was entitled Let’s Overcome the Current Obstacles and Focus Our intelligence on the Cloud Media Together.  Mr. Liu Dong, Xinhua Net Ltd. CTO and the General Manager for the Xinhua Net (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., along with Mr. Wang Yudong the Assistant General Manager for the Government and Enterprise Client Department of China Telecom Beijing Company, were among the guests who attended the conference and delivered speeches. Centered around Xinhua Cloud 2.0, participants engaged in comprehensive and in-depth exchanges on exploring the transformations and evolutions of digital media.


As a hybrid cloud computing platform, which is a part of the central media, Xinhua Cloud 2.0 provides governments, media, enterprises and institutions with a one-stop solution based on its hybrid cloud computation service. The official release of Xinhua Cloud 2.0 is regarded as a key milestone on the transformation of the Xinhua Net’s digitalization progress. It also serves as a textbook example of how the media industry should utilize the cloud service.


“Xinhua Cloud 2.0 has enabled the communications between top tier cloud platforms.”, commented by Mr. Xiao Guobiao the Vice General Manager of Xinhua Net (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

“Both public and private cloud resources can be managed unitedly with Xinhua Cloud 2.0, which constitutes the one-stop inaugural of multiple cloud resources. The public cloud can be used for national or even worldwide coverage of the node resources and offer a large number of products and solutions. Xinhua Cloud 2.0 is built with greater capacities to withstand a disaster, and it is equipped with stronger backup capabilities.”

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