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Product Advantages
  • Comprehensive communication

    Based on the rich network resources of China Telecom, different services are bound at any time to meet different needs according to the actual situation of users.

  • Flexible adjustment

    Users can perform capacity expansion or configuration reduction as required, bind and unbind at any time, and always maintain the network connection.

  • Controllable cost

    According to the flow, bandwidth, time and other ways of billing, annual plans are more cost-effective.

Independent IP

China Telecom provides rich IP resources and is directly connected to the backbone network to ensure service quality.

Bind resources

Bind resources on demand freely.

Bandwidth management

Bandwidth can be adjusted in real time and on demand.

Application Scenario
Applicable Scenario

Bind public network IP resources for China Telecom e-Cloud resources (virtual machines, microservices, bare metal servers) to provide public network access.

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