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Product Advantages
  • Flexible capacity

    Users can freely configure the storage capacity and expand the capacity as needed to meet the expansion requirements and meet the TB/PB requirements.

  • Safe and reliable

    Adopt distributed storage technology to ensure data security.

  • Easy to use

    All operations are online, simple and intuitive.

  • Fast backup

    You can back up your data by taking a point in time snapshot of the cloud disk service to prevent data loss due to tampering and accidental deletion, and ensure rapid rollback in case of business failure.

Multiple types

According to the business requirements of different scenarios, you can select cloud disk service types with different performance and capacity.

Random mount

As required, you can mount and unmount the cloud disk at any time.

Data sharing

The cloud disk service can meet the requirements of multiple hosts such as cloud host, container platform and bare metal server for concurrent data access.


Support automatic/manual backup, full and incremental backup, etc.

Application Scenario
Applicable Scenario

The high-performance cloud disk service can meet the requirements of large data multi-point access, high IO read and write requirements, business delay sensitivity, and high reliability.

Please use it with cloud host, container platform and bare metal server.

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