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Product Advantages
  • Close Fusion of Cloud and Network

    Fully reflect the advantages of China Telecom's cloud network integration of comprehensive resource differentiation, and form a new service form of customer-oriented one point cloud and cloud to cloud interconnection.

  • High Scalability

    The new node virtual machine or VPC access to the network in the way of supplementary point can realize the intercommunication of all the customer's sites and reduce the networking cost of the customer.

  • High Security

    The main DCI network carrying Cloud Exchange service is physically separated from the resource pool access network (such as CN2, ChinaNet, etc.). Cloud Exchange customer service carrying, through the virtual channel to isolate customer data, reduces the risk of public network, as well as other customer network attacks.

Networking Customization

It can realize networking communication between any e Cloud resource pool for customers, and flexibly create star, full mesh or partial mesh topology between e Cloud resource pools where the customer's cloud host is located.

Bandwidth Customization

In any interconnection topology, the access bandwidth of each resource pool customer can be customized according to the demand, and it does not need to be the same at each node.

Transparent Service Delivery

It can transparently carry the upper application, and customers can use "Cloud Exchange" to realize cross resource pool business intercommunication without changing their cloud host IP address and other network information.

Application Scenario
Applicable Scenario

Customers purchase cloud resources from multiple e cloud resource pools. As the master node, one node needs to transfer a large amount of data to other nodes, or needs to migrate data between different nodes. Through high-speed products between clouds, a secure and stable high-speed network channel is established between nodes, through which data can be transmitted safely and stably in the intranet.

Realized Functions

Through the cloud resource pool private network (DCI) network constructed by China Telecom and the East-West high bandwidth capability, the high reliable high-speed private network interconnection of cloud hosts across e Cloud resource pool is realized; Customer MPLS VPN, bandwidth exclusive, and support to provide point-to-point, point to multipoint and mesh topology of IP interconnection.

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