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Product Advantages
  • Coordination丨Cloud Network Edge Coordination

    It supports private lines and inter-cloud high-speed access to cloud resource pools, and provides 5G network access capacity on demand. The first-tier network equipment, node location and strictly managed edge telecom room in China enable you to face the large traffic era challenges with ease.

  • Security | Information security protection

    Edge cloud storage supports multi-copy storage to improve data security. Cloud-side communication provided various security measures ensuring access security.

  • Nearby |Nodes are Widely Distributed

    At present, there are nearly 100 edge nodes and in the rapid expansion, some nodes are directly under the district and county, regional node rapid coverage construction can be developed according to your needs, truly realize the unloading of edge computing tasks close to users.

  • Abundant |Computing Power Provides a Variety of Forms

    It provides computing capabilities such as VMS, containers, bare metals, and functions, storage capabilities such as cloud disks, local sites, and local raw disks, and public IP bandwidth, VPC, NAT gateway, SLB, and private line network connections.

Local Bare Disk

Local bare disks of various specifications are provided.


Virtual Machine

Multiple types of VMS are provided, supporting binding public IP addresses and attaching data disks.

Container Group Instance

Container group instances and container image services are provided, supproting VPC connection and data disks attachment.


Bare Metal

Complete machine service close to bare metal form is provided.


Function Computing

Function upload, configuration, test and version functions are provided, which support multiple trigger execution.

Cloud Storage

Provides 3 backup edge cloud storage.

Local Disk

Provides raid1 local disk, and provides a variety of optional capacity mount.

Virtual Private Cloud

VPC services consistent with cloud resource pool experience are provided.


NAT Gateway

SNAT forwarding and DNAT forwarding are supported.

Load Balancing

Supports public network LB and internal NETWORK LB, and supports multi-port listening forwarding of protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, and UDP.


Routing Table

Route forward can be configured per request.

Dedicated Line

On-demand dedicated services to connect edge nodes to specified cloud resource pools or your data center.

Application Scenario

Applicable Senario

In interactive live broadcast scenarios, customers can deploy services such as transcoding, Microphone communication, Bullet-screen comments, and slicing on edge computing nodes to be closer to end users, improve user experience, and reduce central costs.

Product Advantage

Local coverage: The nodes are widely distributed to ensure the nearest access;

Diversified computing power: provide diversified computing power such as GPU server to improve the cost performance of scene processing such as special effects rendering, HD transcoding and content audit;

Reduce central bandwidth: Reduce the cost pressure of central bandwidth by Brining the services down to the edge.


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