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Product Advantages
  • Resources are distributed all over the world and can be accessed nearby

    e-Cloud container platform nanotube resources are distributed in many countries and regions around the world, and localized services facilitate users to access the cloud nearby.

  • Highly available on-demand deployment

    Based on the native Kubernetes environment, it provides a highly reliable deployment architecture of Rancher version 2.6. Cluster automatic installation and deployment, multi-level image library, unified monitoring, to achieve the arrangement and scheduling of multiple project spaces and multiple instances.

  • High safety and controllability

    Highly isolated resources and highly available services. The container engine runs in an exclusive ECS instance to build highly secure and reliable applications. In addition, the container adopts a distributed service architecture, with automatic recovery and rapid migration of service failures; Combined with distributed storage, it enables the security and high availability of services and data.

  • Wide compatibility and fast deployment

    It is fully compatible with Alibaba Cloud and Microsoft Cloud applications, and provides rapid cloud application deployment based on Rancher native application image warehouse. Mainstream open source standards and platforms, users can have barrier-free access.

Application arrange

The application management visual arrangement completes resource scheduling and load balancing.

Service management

It supports efficient deployment of multiple types of containerized services to achieve dynamic service scaling.

Application Scenario


Applicable Scenario

Transform from traditional over-the-counter business to new applications. On the one hand, the container cloud platform can standardize the deployment and delivery of applications, speed up the deployment of applications, and improve the ability of continuous delivery.

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