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Product Advantages
  • New Advanced Threat Detection

    With Java-based memory Trojans attack detection technology, it can effectively kill memory horses of the type Filter, Servlet, Agent, etc. It can detect the primary attacking methods in each stage of ATT&CK attack chain in real time, effectively discover the traces of the execution of commands by hackers exploiting system vulnerability, and issues timely alarm.

  • Strong Security Protection Ability

    Support network, file and account security protection, able to provide the host with the ability to defend network and system layer attacks, capable of protecting the host on the spot, and building security circle consisting of collection, detection, monitoring and protection.

  • Suitable for Mainstream System

    Support Windows2003, Windows2008, Windows2012, Windows2016 and other versions of Windows system and various types of Linux system. Fully compatible with CPU architectures of Feiteng, Zhaoxin, Haiguang and Kunpeng, and innovative mainstream IT operating systems such as Galaxy Kirin, Zhongbiao Kirin, Zhongke Hongqi, Puhua, Ningsi and UOS.

Host Safety Examination

Actively initiate in-depth host examination, generate and export and automatically score the examination results.

Strong Security Protection Function

Monitor the operation of the host 24/7, identify and dispose of intrusion threat events.

Comprehensive Security Report

Support the generation and export of site-wide security information report.

Application Scenario
Applicable Scenario

Relying on the cloud host security client with strong adaptability, scalability and stability, it supports various virtual platforms and virtual machine operating systems for unified security management.

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