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e Cloud WAF Service Agreement
2021-07-19 16:30:24

e Cloud WAF service agreement is jointly signed by the user ("Party A") and China Telecom Global Limited ("Party B"). In accordance with the agreement, Party B provides authoritative domain name resolution services to Party A through China Telecom e Cloud international official website platform (website: www.ctclouds. Com). Party A shall use the service in accordance with the agreement.
Party A shall carefully read all contents of this agreement before using this service. If Party A clicks to agree, it shall be deemed that Party A agrees and accepts all contents of this agreement, and this Agreement shall constitute a binding legal document between Party A and Party B. If Party A does not agree to accept this agreement, please do not use this service.


1、 Definition

1.1 “e Cloud WAF service agreement” (hereinafter referred to as "this service") is a service launched by China Telecom Global Limited to provide security protection for websites. Through multi-dimensional defense strategy, intercept SQL injection, XSS cross site, command & code injection, sensitive file access, malicious crawlers and other web attacks for the website to ensure the safe and stable operation of your business.

1.2 "Management console" refers to the service system platform provided by Party B to Party A through e Cloud platform to manage and maintain the products ordered in its account Management console "means

1.3 "Fault acceptance" means that in the process of using e cloud WAF service, in case of affecting business use, Party A makes an application or complaint through the customer service hotline provided by Party B and obtains the reply of Party B.
1.4 "Non fault acceptance" refers to Party A's consultation, declaration or complaint with Party B through the customer service hotline provided by Party B and Party B's reply when using e cloud WAF service without affecting business use.
1.5 "Response time" refers to the time from Party B receiving Party A's consultation, application or complaint to Party B's reply.
1.6 "This website" or "e Cloud platform" refers to the official website platform of China Telecom e Cloud (website:
1.7 "This Agreement" includes the text and annex of the e Cloud WAF service agreement and all rules, notices, announcements, etc. concerning the service that Party B has issued or may issue in the future (collectively referred to as "service rules"). All service rules are integral parts of this Agreement and have the same legal effect as the text of the agreement.

1.8 "User agreement" refers to the "China Telecom e Cloud user agreement" signed by Party A and Party B when registering the account of this website.

2.Service Content


2.1 Party B shall provide service to Party A in accordance with this agreement. The specific content of this service shall be subject to the service actually provided by Party B to Party A after being displayed on this website and applied by Party A. Party B has the right to constantly update the service content.

2.2 Service Premise:   In order to use the service, Party A shall first meet all the following conditions:

(1) Agree and accept the user agreement, successfully register as a user of this website, and continuously have a legal and valid user account of this website when signing and performing this Agreement;

(2) Agree and accept this agreement, and this Agreement shall remain in force during the use of this service;

(3) Apply for the use of this service according to the service rules of this website;

(4) The domain name applied for this service is a legal domain name that can be accessed normally.

(5) Other business use preconditions specified in this agreement.

2.3 China Telecom Global Limited is responsible for supervising Party A's account, domain name and IP information on Party A's partner platform, confirming the existence and security of the domain name and origin IP submitted by Party A, and regularly reviewing it. It is the main body of Party A's domain name related information review.

2.4 Data Processing

In order to provide services, e cloud WAF service needs to provide Party A's domain name and origin IP to China Telecom Global Limited and resolve the domain name to the specified IP address for configuring protection resolution data.

If Party A does not accept that Party B shares the above information with China Telecom Global Limited Party B will not be able to configure the protection data of the domain name, resulting in Party A's inability to use the service.

Party B will require the partner to handle the above information in accordance with e cloud international privacy policy and any other relevant confidentiality and security measures.

3、 Service Fee

3.1 Party A shall pay the service fee to Party B in accordance with the agreement when using the service. This service is frequency scanning service, which is charged according to the number of times.

3.2 The specific service types and corresponding service fees under this service shall be subject to the service rules of this website and the information listed on the order page of this service. Party A may choose the specific service types by itself, and shall pay the corresponding service fees according to the current effective price system on this website.

3.3 When Party A renews the service, it shall pay the corresponding service fee according to the then effective price system.
3.4 If Party A needs Party B to issue an invoice when purchasing the service, Party A shall apply for issuing an invoice on the product ordering interface of this website when ordering the service, and fill in the payment unit, payment, invoice type and mailing address according to the format and requirements; Party B shall issue and mail the invoice of corresponding amount for Party A according to law; Party A uses the voucher to pay part of the corresponding amount, and Party B does not provide the invoice; Party B will issue an invoice for Party A at the request of Party A from the 8th day after the successful payment of the order.

3.5 If Party A has any objection to the payment, it shall submit a verification application to Party B in writing. In case of any error confirmed by both parties, Party B shall adjust the corresponding expenses.


4. Service Opening

4.1 After Party A pays the fee and successfully subscribes to the e Cloud WAF service, Party B configures the information of the instance requested by Party A on the e Cloud International Cloud Platform based on the information provided by Party A during the order. After the configuration of the instance information is completed, the service is activated.

4.2 After the service is activated, Party A can log in to this website and complete the relevant configuration operations of the instance on the e Cloud International Cloud Platform.

5Customer Service Assurance

5.1 Party B's customer service hotline: 852-3100 0000.

5.2 The time for Party B to provide after-sales service for Party A: 7 days × 24 hours.

5.3 Party B shall provide Party A with a response time of no more than 30 minutes after fault acceptance; The response time after non fault acceptance shall not exceed 12 hours.

6 Technical Support Guarantee

6.1 Party B shall provide technical support guarantee for Party A according to the specific situation and Party A's needs after accepting the fault or non fault of Party A. The service time of Party B's engineer is 5 days × 8 hours.

7、 Rights and Obligations of Party A
7.1 Party A shall activate and use this service with its true identity, and be a natural person, legal person or other organization with the corresponding capacity for civil rights and civil conduct. Party A shall provide Party B with subject qualifications, business qualifications and other relevant materials for Party B's review in accordance with Party B's requirements. Party A guarantees that the information provided is true, complete, accurate, legal and effective, and assumes corresponding legal responsibilities.

7.2 Party A understands and fully recognizes that, although Party B has established (and will continue to improve according to technological development) necessary technical measures to prevent computer viruses, network intrusions and attack damage (including but not limited to DDOS) or other matters that endanger network security or behaviors (hereinafter collectively referred to as these behaviors), but in view of the limitations and relativity and the unpredictability of such acts. Therefore, if such acts happen to Party A's account and cause harm to Party B or Party B's network or server (including but not limited to local, foreign and international networks, servers, etc.), or affect the smooth connection between Party B and the Internet or between Party B and specific networks, servers and Party B's internal, Party B has the right to decide to suspend or terminate the service. If a major network accident is caused to Party B due to Party A, Party B will reserve the right to investigate Party A's criminal responsibility and compensation. If Party B terminates providing services to Party A due to the above terms, Party B will calculate the service fee according to the actual use days of Party A and return the remaining amount (if any).

7.3 This product will take effect immediately upon ordering. Except for force majeure, cancellation is not supported.


8 Term and Termination of the Agreement

8.1 This Agreement shall come into effect from the date of the successful purchase or application of the products, and terminate upon the expiration of the service period ordered by Party A, unless otherwise agreed by both parties.

8.2 If Party A's subscription service period expires and Party A has not renewed the subscription, Party B shall terminate the provision of resolution services for the domain name. Within 7 natural days after the expiration of the service period, Party B will continue to retain the resolution record of the domain name and provide basic domain name resolution capabilities to ensure that Party A transfers the domain name out. However, Party B will no longer provide fault acceptance services for the domain name during the aforementioned period. Seven natural days after the expiration of the service period, Party B will terminate the provision of domain name resolution capabilities for the domain name and delete the relevant resolution data of the expired domain name;

8.3 This Agreement may be terminated in advance if both parties agree upon it.


8.4 Party A can renew this service at any time before the expiration of the subscription service period. The effective period of the renewal service is calculated from the day after the expiry of the subscribed service period, and this agreement needs to be reconfirmed when renewing.

8.5 Party B shall have the right to terminate this agreement in the following circumstances:

8.5.1 According to laws and regulations or the requirements of government authorities.

8.5.2 Party B believes that continuing to provide services to Party A will cause huge economic or technical burden or major safety risk to Party B.

8.5.3 It is not practical for Party B to continue to provide services to Party A due to any change of laws or policies.

8.5.4 Party A fails to pay the relevant expenses in full and on time.

8.5.5 Party A violates the letter of responsibility for Internet cloud service users entering the network, letter of commitment for network information security and legal statement of this website.

8.5.6 Party A no longer meets any of the service prerequisites stipulated in article 2.2 of this Agreement.

8.5.7 Party A violates other terms of this agreement.

8.6 Except as stipulated in article 8.7 and 8.8, if Party B terminates this agreement according to the agreement, Party B will calculate the service fee according to the actual use days of Party A, return the remaining amount (if any), and reserve the right to investigate Party A's liability for breach of contract according to law.

8.7 Party B can terminate this service by posting an announcement on this website 30 days in advance, sending an in-site notice or written notice to Party A. At that time, Party B shall return the payment (non-interest bearing) paid by Party A to Party As account, unless otherwise agreed in this agreement.

8.8 If any provision of this agreement is invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the rest of this Agreement shall remain valid and binding.


9 Others
9.1 Termination of this Agreement shall not affect the effectiveness of the user agreement between Party A and Party B. If the user agreement between Party A and Party B is terminated, this agreement will be terminated automatically.
9.2 If this agreement is not agreed, both parties shall abide by the agreement of the user agreement at the same time; In case of any conflict between this Agreement and the agreement of the user on the same matter, this Agreement shall prevail.
9.3 The text of this agreement has the same legal effect as the annex. If there is any conflict between the text and the annex, the text of agreement shall prevail.


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