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Product Advantage
2021-06-23 10:10:07

e Cloud Vulnerability Scanning Service is a vulnerability scanning service product with high efficiency, detailed reports, and strong vulnerability accuracy. It has more than 50,000 vulnerability libraries and plug-ins, and automatically updates the vulnerability database plug-ins every day, which can more comprehensively cover the latest vulnerabilities and accurately discover the vulnerability risk of the scanned target system.Combining senior security experts, the latest industry security situation, big data analysis, threat intelligence analysis, etc. to output in-depth and extensive professional vulnerability scanning assessment reports, and put forward practical and feasible safety rectification suggestions, which will help users fully grasp the vulnerability risk situation and arrange reinforcement work in a reasonable and efficient manner.

Quick discovery

-It can accurately and quickly discover the vulnerability risks of the host, analyze the discovered vulnerabilities, and provide a professional scan report with practical rectification suggestions in a timely manner.

Accurate and detailed

-Describe in detail the types of vulnerabilities, the number of security vulnerabilities, and the level of damage in the system.

-Provide feasible solutions when describing vulnerabilities.

High accuracy

-The plug-in is extensible and powerful. It can discover multiple security vulnerabilities and use multiple scanning tools to cross-scan to reduce false positives and improve the accuracy of vulnerabilities.


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