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Terms Explanation
2021-06-23 09:41:34

What is an open port scanning (SYN scanning)?

SYN scanning is a commonly used method for computer intruders to discover vulnerabilities, through which attackers can learn which port services the target host has opened. An open port is a potential communication channel, that is, an intrusion channel.

What is weak password detection?

Use the weak password dictionary to detect whether the user's SSH, RDP and other services are using weak passwords. If detected, promptly remind users to change weak passwords to effectively prevent brute-force cracking intrusion.

What is configuration vulnerability detection?

Configuring vulnerability detection is also baseline inspection, which selects appropriate security control measures for the security characteristics of IT equipment.

What is a security baseline?


The security baseline is the minimum security guarantee of an information system, it is used to define the minimum security configuration requirements for different IT equipment.


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