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2021-06-21 11:20:19

QIs it possible to specify a resource pool?

AYes. You can choose a resource pool based on your business needs.


QCan cloud products in different resource pools communicate with each other in the intranet?

ABy default no. However, the VPC of the two resource pools can be connected through the high-speed inter-cloud.


QCan existing elastic cloud hosts change resource pools?

ASorry, the existing elastic cloud host does not support the resource pools change.


QHow long does it take to create a cloud host?

AGenerally, you only need to wait a few minutes for activation to complete.


QCan a cloud host be bound to multiple elastic IPs?

AYes, but it is not recommended. To configure multiple elastic IPs, you need to manually configure the routing policy.


QWhat are the restrictions when using elastic cloud hosting?

AIt is recommended not to upgrade the kernel version and operating system version of the cloud host by yourself; not to uninstall the pre-installed performance auxiliary optimization software; not to modify the MAC address of the cloud host network card.


QDo you support the purchase of memory or data disks separately?

AWe currently only support the purchase of data disks (cloud disks) and bandwidth separately.


QDo I need to pay separately for the operating system and imaging?

AYou only need to pay for the elastic cloud host. Operating systems, public  and private images are free of charge.


QWhen purchasing on demand, the price is not displayed on the purchase page. How can I get the price?

AYou can check the price by clicking "Price Calculator".


QWhat are the rules for applying for a trial elastic cloud host?

AOne user can only apply for one trial. If you have already purchased an elastic cloud host, you will not be able to apply again. 

Q What components of the elastic cloud host support the upgrade operation?

ACurrently, all resource pools of elastic cloud hosts support CPU, memory, data disk, and bandwidth upgrades. Guizhou Resource Pool also supports system disk upgrades. The CPU and memory upgrade must be upgraded in the form of a package and conform to the e Cloud package collocation.


QDo I need to shut down when I upgrade the CPU, memory, and bandwidth?

AWhen upgrading CPU and memory, you need to shut down before upgrading.  There is no need to shut down when upgrading bandwidth. Please refer to the cloud hard disk product description for upgrade instructions.


QIs there a notification before the elastic cloud host expires?

AWe send you three reminders before your cloud host expires, namely 7 days, 3 days, and 1 day before the expiration day. Another reminder will be sent on the expiration day. All notifications will be sent via SMS and email.


Q What will happen if I forget to renew the cloud host after the expiration date?

AIf you forget to renew, the cloud host will be inoperable on the day of expiration, and the data will be deleted 15 days after expiration.


QWhat are the restrictions before unsubscribing to cloud hosting?

AIf you need to unsubscribe from cloud hosting, you need to meet the 7-day refund conditions of e Cloud for no reason.

1.Cloud host that has been upgraded or renewed within 7 days of the subscription or exceeds 7-day subscription, cannot perform the unsubscribe operation.

2.Since the unsubscription will lead to resource recycling and cleaning, data on the cloud host cannot be restored, please properly backup data before unsubscribing.

3. On-demand cloud hosting does not support unsubscribe operation 

Q How can I unsubscribe the elastic cloud hosting with annually or monthly subscription?

APlease log in to the e Cloud console, click the cloud host that needs to be unsubscribed, and then select "More-Unsubscribe", click confirm on the page, and submit the unsubscribe order. A confirmation message will pop up on the screen, and the unsubscribed order can be seen on the order management page of the user center, meanwhile, the order status is "Pending Review".

After passing the review, e Cloud will recycle the resources and return the remaining balance. At this time, the order status will change to "Work Order Completed", and the host can no longer be seen in the cloud host list.  

QHow do I receive the refund after unsubscribing to the Elastic Cloud Hosting?

AThe system will confirm that the unsubscription application has been submitted and it takes 3 days to review. The review result will be sent via SMS. After the successful unsubscription, the remaining balance will be returned to your cash account in real time, and the voucher payment cannot be refunded.


QWhat should I pay attention to when applying for issuance of invoices?

A1. The amount of invoices that can be issued is not related to the order, and it should be no more than the total amount of invoices that can be issued. For e Cloud products purchased with vouchers, invoices are not provided for the payment part of the vouchers. Invoices will be issued within 3 months 7 days after the order is successfully paid. Invoices will not be issued after the expiry date.

2. The amount of fees charged by e Cloud website should no less than 29 yuan.


Q: How long can I apply for an invoice after successfully purchasing an elastic cloud host?

A7 days after purchasing the host, you can apply for an invoice and we will mail the invoice to you.

 Q If an expired resource needs renewal, how is the renewal period calculated?


AIf the resource enters the grace period or the retention period, the start time of all resource renewal cycles is the expiration time of the original resource (not including the grace period and the retention period). For example, user A subscribes to the cloud host for 1 month on April 1, 2020, and the resource expires on April 30, 2020, and renews the subscription for another month on May 10, 2020. The new resource expiration time will be May 30th. Because the resources ordered by users from May 1st to 9th are in a state of freezing in arrears, the user's business and data are kept in the cloud host. After renewal, the aforementioned arrears will be deducted. Therefore, it is recommended that you renew in time before the resource expires and freezes.


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