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2021-06-21 11:16:22

QWhat billing methods does the elastic cloud host support?

AWe provide two billing methods: annually/monthly subscription and purchase on demand. You can choose according to your actual situation.


QWhy was my on-demand elastic cloud host purchase unsuccessful?

APay-on-demand products require at least 100 yuan in cash on your account. Please make sure that the amount of cash on your account is sufficient. 

QIs there a notification of insufficient account balance when purchasing cloud hosting on demand?

AThe user can set the balance threshold in the self-service user center, when the balance is below the threshold and a text message reminder will be sent. When a user purchases a cloud host on demand, if the balance is less than 100 yuan, the creation confirmation page will remind the user of insufficient balance.


Q Will I still get billed after an on-demand elastic cloud is shut down?

AAfter the on-demand elastic cloud host is shut down, the basic resources (including vCPU, memory, and imaging) will not be charged, but the system disk will still be charged for the capacity. If there are other bundled products, such as cloud hard drives, elastic IP, bandwidth, etc., they will be charged according to their respective product billing methods.


Q Will I be for the operating system?

AThe Linux system we provide does not require copyright fees; the Windows system provided comes with authentic activation, and is currently free.


QWhich cloud products can be purchased on demand?

All e Cloud products support on-demand purchase.


QDoes the purchase on demand products support configuration update?

AYes. After a cloud host has been created, you can still upgrade or downgrade the cloud host according to your needs.


QDoes the same cloud host support two billing methods?

ANo. Only one billing method can be selected for the same cloud host.


QDo you provide filing services for on-demand purchased cloud hosts?

ANo. If your website needs to filing service, please purchase a monthly or annually cloud hosting.

QDoes the on-demand purchased cloud hosting support refunds?


QDoes the on-demand purchased cloud hosting support voucher payment?


QIs there a notification for insufficient balance? When is the notification?

AYes. There will be a notification in two cases: the first is when the account balance is lower than the threshold set by the user. The second is when the account balance is less than 0.

Please refer to billing for details.  


QWill my cloud host be stopped when the balance is insufficient?

AWhen your account balance is less than 0 yuan, your cloud host will be shut down. After the amount is recharged, the cloud host will return to normal. However, the cloud host will enter a 7-day retention period from the time the user owes fees. After the retention period expires, the cloud host will be deleted and recycled, and the user data cannot be restored after the cloud host is deleted. 


QThere is balance in my account, but I cannot create a purchase on-demand cloud host?

APlease make sure your account balance is no less than 100 yuan. A new cloud host cannot be created if there is less than 100 yuan in balance.


QHow many on-demand cloud hosts can be created in an account?

AThe current default quota is: 50 cloud hosts, 200-core CPU and 409600 MB of memory.

If the quota is not exceeded, you can create as many cloud hosts as needed. If the demand exceeds the default quota, please submit a work order to request an increase in the quota. 

QDoes it support automatic deletion of cloud hosts?

ANo. Please delete yourself when it’s no longer needed. It is recommended to delete a few minutes before the exact hour to avoid time loss.


QWill there be any charges after the on-demand cloud host is down or shut down?

ADuring the cloud host activation period, if the user actively performs the shutdown operation, the CPU and memory fees will not be charged when the cloud host is turned off, only the disk fee will be charged. After the user account is in arrears, the cloud host will be shut down. After shutting down, no fees will be charged.

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