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Product Advantages
2021-06-21 10:01:35

Quick opening

Whether it is one or a hundred cloud hosts, activation and usage can be done within minutes.

Multi-level security protection

e Cloud establishes  a stable, in-depth and automatic defense system from six levels to protect users' cloud security. The six levels are: Internet interface security, Internet interface security of tenant network, security between cloud platform and tenant network, internal security of cloud platform, internal security of tenant network, and operation and maintenance security.

Flexible resource update method

Elastic cloud hosts support specification updates, including the increase or decrease of CPU, memory, and storage resources to achieve vertical changes in computing resources.
Provide elastic scaling services, adjust the number of elastic cloud hosts according to the business scale, and achieve horizontal changes in computing resources.

The resource updates in the above two scenarios better adapt to scale changes of user business and support user business development in the most cost-effective and effective way.

Convenient management

e Cloud International provides a web management platform, and users can log in to the web console to order and batch manage elastic computing resources. It supports VNC login, and the cloud host that is not bound to the public IP can log in directly through the remote login provided by the console.

Flexible billing

Two billing modes are provided: yearly or monthly, and billing by volume. Users can choose the appropriate billing method according to the duration of resource usage, the trends of resource volume, and the amounts of resource in demand.


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