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Cloud Migration
Installation Control
2020-11-26 23:19:44

The control terminal can be installed on any x86 physical machine or all kinds of virtual machines accessible by the public network. The steps are as follows,

1. Obtain control side image

Locate the resource pool node where the service is located, and call 4008109889 to get the image SMT server of the migration tool. After customer service sharing the image, user needs to log in to e Cloud account to accept the image.

2. Configure control side of installation on the elastic virtual machine.

The controller should be installed in Linux CentOS 7.4 (priority).

The operation steps of creating elastic virtual machine are as follows:

1) Log in to e Cloud control center

2) Select "computing > elastic virtual machine" in the product list

3) Click "create elastic virtual machine" to configure the instance.

Note: when creating an instance, pay special attention to three configurations related to e Cloud server migration platform: specification, security group rules, image, storage and elastic IP.



In order to ensure the successful installation of the device, the control side requires more than 2GB of memory.


In the process of configuring elastic virtual machine, click "manage security group" to configure security group

Jump to the security group management control page. As shown in the figure below:


Create the destination side security group and the control side security group respectively. The steps are as follows:

1) Click "+ create security group", enter the security group name and description in the pop-up window, and click "OK";

2) The default rule of the system does not need to be modified. Click "add rule" to configure it in the pop-up window.


Control side rules:

Direction: incoming direction protocol / application: TCP port / range: 4305 source address: (default)

Direction: incoming direction protocol / application: TCP port / range: 9980 source address: (default)

Direction: incoming direction protocol / application: TCP port / range: 19980 source address: (default)

Direction: incoming direction protocol / application: TCP port / range: 4388 source address: (default)

Direction: incoming direction protocol / application: TCP port / range: 8000 source address:


Using "private image", select the image file provided by China Telecom from the drop-down list.

There is one control side image file, such as the control side image "SMT server (40Gb)" used in this example.


Control side, no less than 40G disk.

Elastic IP

Public IP is needed for server migration. In the process of instance creation, the configuration of elastic IP can be automatically assigned or chosen from existing ones.

The automatic allocation is shown in the figure below

Select one of the existing elastic IP, as shown in the figure below


If you have created an elastic virtual machine instance, you can modify the security group configuration, hang it on the disk, and bind the elastic IP. Please refer to the elastic virtual machine user operation guide.

3. Login control terminal

Through chrome or Firefox, type http://ip : 9980 address to enter the login interface, as shown in the figure, select normal mode login, administrator account: admin Password: P@ssw0rd123! . USB key mode is used in Intranet environment to provide services through USB key.

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