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Cloud Conference
Register and Install
2020-11-26 23:05:08

Q: How to register for e Cloud Conference?

A: Government-enterprise customers can contact the account manager to activate through the customer service hotline 4009208566; or purchase the service through the government-enterprise cloud portal and register for activation. Unified opening of employee account by enterprise administrator.

Q: How to download the e Cloud Meeting client?

A: Login to download;

In the WeChat official account (esurfing cloud conference), click the "register to download" menu and select "Download client" to download;

For IOS phones, you can also go to the Apple App Store to search for "esurfing Cloud Conference" and download directly.

Q: Can Android go to the app store to search by itself?

A: Not currently supported, please go to e Cloud Conference to download, or in the official public account (esurfing cloud conference), click to register and download.

Q: The first download and installation prompts that the phone number has been registered?

A: Please click on the registration download menu in the Baifang official account (esurfing cloud conference), and choose to change the password to retrieve the account.

Q: Does China Telecom 199, China Mobile 198 and China Unicom 166 support registration?

A: All support.

Q: Forgot the password and how to change the password?

A: Please click on the registration download menu in the WeChat official account (esurfing cloud conference), and select "Change Password" to retrieve or change the password.

Q: Can't receive the verification code when registering and changing the password?

A: Users who port to the Internet and users of virtual operators starting with 16 cannot receive the SMS verification code normally. Please check whether you or your operator has set SMS interception.

Q: Can the client be downloaded normally when the user is not registered?

A: Yes


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