• Collaboration Tools

    User can see and hear each other, exchange messages and files, collaborate on documents, use whiteboard, and at the same time stay in different places.

  • Support H.323/SIP

    Buil-in H.323/SIP support for 3rd-party video conferencing endpoints, such as, Cisco, Polycom, Avaya, Asterisk.

  • Support multiple operating systems

    Support for all major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, Linux Ubuntu, Debian, Apple Mac OS X, WebRTC, mobile application iOS and Android.

  • 01

    Save time and cost of deployment

    Enjoy video conference services via CTclouds to avoid the large cost of buying and deployment multipoint control unit (MCU).

  • 02

    Integrates with LDAP / Active Directory

    User customize user groups and role via LDAP / Active Directory for authentication and user management. Capable to host video conferences with up to 250 participants each and up to 3000 user accounts.

  • 03

    Video conference recording

    Provide flexible video conference recording on server-side and client-side to

  • 03

    Support all Video Conferencing Modes

    Organize video conferencing in different types of video conferences include Point-to-Point Video Calls, Multipoint Video Conferences, Video Lectures and Virtual Meetings to fit user's need .

User Qty Configuration Bandwidth Os
  • 6 CPU:2,MEM:4G,DISK:100G 9Mbps Window
  • 15 CPU:2,MEM:4G,DISK:100G 50Mbps Window
  • 20 CPU:4,MEM:8G,DISK:200G 60Mbps Window
  • 25 CPU:4,MEM:8G,DISK:200G 80Mbps Window
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