• vCPE

    Extremely fast delivery, business opened in minutes;
    Extremely simple configuration, centralized PM remote configuration;
    Decoupled hardware, software installation supported;
    Extreme low cost, no fixed local line required;
    Support client side internal network SDN-reform;

  • BoD

    Backbone network management: Elastically increase/decrease capacity;
    Billing: according to traffic transmission efficiency window;
    High capacity guaranteed reservation;
    Guarantee mechanism of dynamically traffic transmitting efficiency;
    Usage charge model: minimum reservation + elastic usage;

  • WAN optimization

    Protocol substitution;
    Hardware compression;
    Data deduplication;
    Object storage;

  • Intelligent backend

    Network topology state visualization;
    Real-time usage billing;
    Multi-factors business alert;

  • 01Agile configuration of bandwidth, transform tunnel from rigid to elastic

    The product takes the advantage of SDN technology to implement real-time management and control of bandwidth states of the whole network, and generates bills according to traffic transmission efficiency window. Compared with traditional leased line network products such as MPLS-VPN, IEPL/MSTP and etc., this product provides more efficient data transmission with lower and more reasonable expenses. With agile and dynamic configuration of bandwidth, this product provides features includes high capacity reservation, guarantee mechanism of user-defined dynamic transmission efficiency, elastic usage protocol based on flow, and etc.

  • 03WAN optimization

    This product utilizes classical WAN optimization algorithm, and enhances data transmission in WAN and sophisticated network environment by using methods includes protocol substitution, hardware compression, data deduplication, object storage, traffic shaping, traffic priority, forward error correction, and etc. Meanwhile, this product can distinguish traffic from different type of application such as video/audio, non-structure large file and email, and support business specific safeguard configuration towards them.

  • 02Access equipment intensification

    By using NFV client terminal, client side access equipment can be conformably delivered terminal equipment or certificated virtual environments which support x86 architecture. During the business opening procedure on client side, it can be automatically installed without any on-site configuration. Moreover, client side terminal supports end-to-end deep encryption algorithm (128bits deep encryption). It also supports the combination of multiple functions includes Internet Breakout and cross region acceleration, remote centralized unified authentication, VAS Service Chaining, etc. The most important feature is that the client side terminal can be deployed over existing MPLS VPN network, or deployed over Internet/4G mobile network as a low cost backup link.

  • 04Fast access to public cloud platform

    This product does not only have excellent technology implementation, but also deploys access gateways on general public cloud platforms’ chief nodes (includes AWS, Azure and Ali Cloud) in advance to realize fast and agile public cloud connection, to fulfil enterprises’ demand of optimizing public cloud access during transferring their applications to the cloud side.

Do I need to purchase local access network if I choose SD-WAN service?
Normally you don’t need it. To implement network side nodes connection, SD-WAN’s local extension of WAN service employs IP sec/VxLan technologies to overlay on the access location’s existing Internet tunnel, which can be landline connection such as FTTH, GPON, IPMAN, and even use mobile internet based on 3G/4G as a backup of network. Meanwhile, if the existing internet’s access quality is not qualified, you can also purchase local line services on need to enhance the access network.
Does the client side terminal equipment support multitenancy management?
Surely it does. The terminal equipment deployed on client side (the edge terminal) is able to distinct the flow and decouple the equipment, to implement multitenancy on client side terminal.
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