Equipment leasing and managed

Based on telecom level room environment building and delivering private cloud infrastructure, support users in the custody of a DaiWei hardware devices, provide a variety of equipment purchasing and financing leasing services.

Virtualization is a private cloud

Based on industry-leading virtualization technology to deliver users exclusive private cloud environment, support database, middleware, Web server cluster automated deployment, with flexible network policy configuration, support users on-demand customized private cloud network environment.

Expert technical operations services

Through the 7 x 24 hour reception and monitoring service, to provide users with expert network operations management, operations management operating system, database operations management, middleware, and application management, storage management, and the hardware and software maintenance, etc.

Operations management services

Support to follow the ITIL standard events, change, problem management process, provide a complete statement analysis and structure optimization services.

  • 01Diversification of delivery

    In accordance with user requirements to provide servers, storage and network equipment purchasing and leasing, as well as providing frame, power and daily operations services, use of telecom level room facilities improve resource availability and reliability. To provide the basic Ctclouds hardware maintenance and regular inspection service as the foundation, to provide flexible way to lease IT infrastructure and operations management service.

  • 03Flexible virtual private cloud

    Based on the industry's leading virtualization technology to provide users with cloud hosting, can also follow user's purchasing vCPU, vRAM, storage resources, the number of public IP and other resources for its dispatch cloud resources. Support users to create their private cloud network environment flexibly following their own requirements. and provide a VPN service for user access to its private cloud resources.

  • 02Managed enterprise equipment

    According to user specified KVA, frame model, and other special needs to provide housing rental and matching Tier3 and above room environment, all-round meet the requirements of the users' trust. Provide on-site service, including on-site installation, equipment and spare parts replacement and in daily operational service, without users' attendance.

  • 04Expert technical operations

    We have a specialist team to provide 7 * 24 multilingual service desk, taking users' complaints and abiding by ISO20000 process, ensure to meet the SLA of customer service. Operation support system of remote and on-site management, including remote DBA, middleware, application, management and maintenance of hardware and software resources, reduce the user's input, to ensure the safety of the system.

Why Ctclouds managed private cloud service can control cost and improve the quality of operations?
  • Control IT cost, optimize the IT process

    Using virtualization technology to improve resource utilization, to achieve the transformation of the Capex to Opex control enterprise IT cost. Users can use and choose software according to their needs, ensuring their private cloud platform can be built as their needs and keep pace with the times. Using standard ITIL process handle events, change and application work order, provide perfect assets entry and regular screening system, ensure the safety and complete of the assets.

  • Reduce the IT operational risk, increase the elasticity of the platform

    Based on advanced and mature IT operational architecture, provides the reliable and stable operating environment, perfect monitoring and operational processes, and effectively reduce the risk of accidents. User can flexibly adjust internal IT infrastructure, increase or decrease the computing resources according to their demands, realize the cloud scale elastic extension.

  • Professional operations team, ensure the quality of operations

    CTclouds provide users exclusive operations teams, operations staff structure can be adjusted according to their own needs, choose the professional certification of technical personnel, to provide reliable quality of operations.

  • Improve efficiency, enhance the enterprise competitiveness

    Based on the private cloud resources on-demand deployment, reduce IT costs, increase output IT, the user can focus on core business, reasonable distribution of IT budget, effectively enhance the competitiveness of the enterprises.

A company is a joint-stock commercial bank, headquartered in Beijing, is approved by the state council and established with the approval of the people's bank of financial enterprises, providing customers with comprehensive commercial bank products and services. As the growth of the business, the enterprise faces huge challenges, on one hand, current investment of software and hardware is too high, on the other hand, facing the rapid growth of business requirements, the existing system is difficult to rapid deployment, unable to meet the requirements of the service level. Especially in the southeast Asia overseas business development,it raises a challenge to the configuration and management of the IT resource of the enterprise. So looking for a reliable, experienced service provider to support for tens of millions of users in three years become urgent.

 After various investigation, the enterprise finally chose the management private cloud provided by CTclouds, and put the users' original bank customers product system into the cloud data center, among which Hong Kong data center is working as a production center and Singapore one is working as a disaster preparedness center. Companies configure their virtual private cloud servers, storage, network and so on, are realizing a complete range of end-to-end management services. At the same time, enterprises to adopting the Ctclouds 3 years management services to support business needs, based on the cloud to provide integrated, secure, real-time application and infrastructure system,high service level of SLA is ensured and requirements of the business are satisfied.

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