All-round data monitoring

Provide from a single monitoring of equipment to complex business portfolio management comprehensive monitoring ability, Intuitively display the using condition of the cloud resource and the information of load performance status and system health status from users all over the world. The user through the remote monitoring can perform monitoring the operation of the business of hosting and regulation in the data center.

Real-time fault alarm

To provide accurate and timely failure found and filtered, compress and intelligently analyze the warning information according to the customers' rules, and then trigger the alarm,process system fault in time.

Specialized reports show

By intelligent information monitoring system, the distribution of global cloud resources, user load, quality of service operation and health information summary can be comprehensively analyzed. Provide intuitive and professional reports. Support custom report content, satisfy different customers' needs.

Customized monitoring

Users can customize on demand from the fit-out indicators monitoring items. Monitoring items can be chosen as SLA parameters. The system will base on. The configuration to preserve historical monitoring data and user can evaluate whether it can reach the requirement of the ability of SLA in a period of time.

Intelligent data analysis

With the aid of the big data dealing ability of the cloud platform, the resource and cost can be analyzed intelligently. Provide operating quality, operating daily/weekly analysis report, support fault in advance warning, reduce operating costs and improve service quality.

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    Multi-dimensional monitoring

    Support to achieve the fit-out information indicators monitoring, including servers, network, database, storage, applications, user response time and service level and so on multi-dimensional monitoring.

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    Customized monitoring

    Support the user through the centralized control interface, according to your needs to customize the distribution of global resources and services of their own monitoring indicators and filtering rules, support custom monitoring.

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    Real-time monitoring

    Provide 7*24 hours' remote real-time monitoring ability, support a variety ways of pre warning and alarm, to ensure that the alarm information can be sent to the user and technically output problem can be reported immediately.

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    Intelligent monitoring

    Through the big data analysis system, users' resources and business can be protected by using large-scale monitoring cluster and professional failure analysis.

Why the cloud monitoring service can do intelligent analysis and multidimensional monitoring?
  • To reduce operating costs, simple self-help management

    Users do not need to buy their own server to deploy sophisticated monitoring and control system, and do not need to arrange personnel to maintain, which greatly reduce the cost and effort. Completely self-service management, provides the cloud host CPU utilization, user load, memory utilization, disk utilization, network traffic and cloud database resources and business monitoring index of the comprehensive, users can customize monitoring granularity according to their own needs, simple and efficient.

  • Flexible alarm configuration, three-dimensional monitoring

    Users can customize the centralized alarm strategy, support for the global resources and business of all kinds of monitoring the project's custom alarm setting. It's convenient for user to understand the system running situation in a timely manner. At the same time, the monitoring service provide different levels of monitor from hardware to users' experience, which can help users to fully know about the system health.

  • Information push actively, rich view display

    According to the alarm strategy customized by the users, the cloud monitoring services provide many ways, including email and message, to notify users immediately, and form a linkage with the alarm management center, so that users can receive information in time. At the same time, users can monitor the operations more intuitive and simpler though monitoring all kinds of system indicators and changing trends.

  • Intelligent operation report, improve service quality

    Support user-defined report, with the aid of big data analysis to provide users with intelligent operation quality report, convenient for the user to optimize business services and operating costs, reduce operating costs, improve the operational level, improve service quality.

Enterprise C is an online payment mechanism, it has a large number of business systems and payment data. In pace with the growth of the business, the pressure of the system is getting bigger and bigger. So that the payment requests from the clients cannot be responded in time, the transaction success rate cannot be guaranteed, the personnel of maintenance and client services cannot deal with the problems. Enterprise C later found the cloud monitoring service is very practical, according to the need to customize the monitoring of the load on the server, application system and database, and based on the cloud monitoring provides intelligent data analysis, are prepared ahead of redundant systems to cope with the peak business. The accurate alarm helps in shorten the system recovery time and raise the payment success rate, the working pressure of the client services reduces immediately. After using the Ctclouds cloud monitoring service, the failure rate reduces 95%, the payment success rate raises 80%, the working effort of client services reduce 60%, the enterprise management costs reduce 50%.

After use Monitoring

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