• Discovery and Analysis

  • ROI Analysis

  • To-be Architectural Design

  • Data Center Migration

  • Optimization

  • 01Efficient Assessment

    Platform tools shorten information collection time

  • 03Future-oriented Architecture

    Private/Public/Hybrid architecture, convergence resource improves efficiency.
    Virtual Data center help to shorten time to market.

  • 02Visible ROI

    Global benchmark & Case database bring advanced experience;
    Analysis report keeps perfect balance among TCO, Efficiency, Reliability

  • 04Data Center Migration

    Cloudification assessment & dependency analysis make roadmap clearly;
    Staged approach & proper wave design ensure migration success and the minimum interruption time

How much time is needed for the migration?
Base on the business application. With rich experience in data center migration, CTG give you a proper wave migration schedule for your data center to ensure the minimum interruption down time.
How to improve the success rate for migration?
5 work-flows with standard activities, excellent project governance, and pre-migration validation, which ensure the success rate of 99.9%.
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