• Cloud virtual machine management

    Extremely fast delivery, business opened in minutes

    Remote OS management

    7*24 all-time monitoring

    Platform level HA, cloud virtual machine downtime never happened

  • Application development and deployment

    Fast publishing application based on DevOps

    Iteration based on customers` business evolution

  • Operations and Maintenance service

    Operations and maintenance support for DB and middleware

    Virtual technologies and open-source software platform service

    monitoring and workflow deployment

  • IT Consulting Service

    IT planning advisory

    IT architecture advisory

    IT application monitoring and advisory

  • 01

    Single Point Contact, Multiple Location Implementation

    By integrating the IT service capabilities of all cloud nodes` locations, CTG provides one stand service of IT development in multiple locations for the customers. Contrast with traditional workflow of contacting with customers` each branch, CTG observably reduces the time cost of communication and enhances the publishing efficiency of each branch. As a result, the costs of customers’ IT purchase will also be reduced remarkably in this single point contact mode.

  • 02

    Elastic extension on demand

    Management provides service abilities matched with customer’s business development speed, to avoid heavily investment at one time

  • 03

    Best service practice provided by specialists

    CTG employs large number of MVP/CCIE/VCP/PMP/ITIL certificated specialists, to provide best IT service advisory for customers and to guarantee the reliability and scalability of customers` architectures of their IT systems. Meanwhile, CTG provides full-scale visualization service for the customers by using numerous professional monitoring and management tools.

Are the service abilities provided by the nodes around the world uniform or not?
CTG management service of the nodes all around the world are compliance with the unique standard to provide indistinctive service based on customers’ demands strictly (unless the service is conflict with local legislation).
What’s the Managed Service’s procedure of contracting and open up?
Customer enquiry –> Specialist’s solution-> Service Scope determination-> Signing the contract and service agreement -> CTG implementation -> customer acceptance test -> follow-up service management.
What should I do if I want to add or remove any service items during Managed Service’s implementation?
It will be charged if the item you want to remove has already been implemented. If you want to add service item, human-day costs of implementation will be assessed based on detailed necessary implementing work, and be charged based on existing contract
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