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    Oversea Cloud Server rent as necessary; High quality network cover the world.

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    One-stop post-sale services, provides cloud hosting management services, cut down the management and the multipoint communication cost with cloud hosting provider and email software vendor.

In order to expand business, one enterprice need to setting up an oversea IT mail server will be necessary to provide mail service, and here come the obstacles.

But the obstacles are

  • 01


    Shortage of IT specialist

  • 02

    Operated Time

    Pressing needs and short time for construction

  • 03


    High cost of multi-communication with providers

User Qty Cloud Server Qty Schemes Configuration Bandwidth Os
  • 10-50 1 Cloud Server + Storage CPU:1,MEM:2G,DISK:100G 100Mbps Window or Linux
  • 51-100 2 Cloud Server + Storage CPU:2,MEM:4G,DISK:200G 100Mbps Window or Linux
  • 101-200 2 Cloud Server + Storage CPU:4,MEM:8G,DISK:400G 100Mbps Window or Linux
  • 201-300 2 Cloud Server + Storage CPU:4,MEM:8G,DISK:600G 100Mbps Window or Linux
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